Watch this Indonesian girl, 15, shred metal guitar riffs like a total rock monster


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to be fair, lamb of god sucks.

what’s wrong with you?
that’s not a rhetorical question.


I’m sure your band is way awesomer.


Genrally not impressed when ADULT, PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS make a career out of Dropped D, power chord riffing but Mel is kicking some serious ass. Real impressed with the ring and pinky strength and dexterity.

I just wanna pinch her little metal cheeks.


I like her earlier stuff, the pentatonic scale practices, much better. The new stuff just makes me think she’s sold out.


That’s a joke… right? I can’t tell anymore.

Agreed, she has really good technique for a 15 year old. Really kicking some ass here, better picking than I’ve ever managed.

But, I don’t think she’s a prodigy by any stretch. Unless the implication is, she’s extra good considering she’s a girl, or Asian, or Muslim.

Nah, respectable journalists would never fall victim to bias like that.

(Side note: This kickass young lady is a prodigy.)


You’re not kidding, she almost looks bored here:

Awesome technique, does that say she’s 14?! Her “Eruption” video sounds like she’d pass the David Lee Roth audition with flying colors! I just hope someone works with her on performance technique in the future, if she’s wanting to perform that is.



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Skwizgar Skwigelf is jealous. The rest of the DeathKlok band just kinda stands there, trying to process this.

Imagine how poor Toki Wartooth feels… but he’s got the cats in his lap. Its a really cool cat.

this kid is good, but she needs to get the guitar in tune.

she needs to work on her metal face. the “disaffected & bored” face is more the provenance of 90s alternative music.

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And all 15 year olds since the beginning of time…


aha, touché. i stand corrected : )


As a guitarist who idolized Malmsteen, and did my best to imitate him, when I was 15, I think she’s friggin awesome.

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Actually, now I’m going to correct myself, and point out that actually being a teen is a new thing… so really, this is only sort of since the 20th century and is kind of a marketing term:

But come on old blue eyes… if anyone knows about teenage girls, isn’t it you? Wasn’t Sinatra one of the first teen idols?

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ooh, good call. yeah, Sinatra was definitely one of the early teen heartthrobs… but from what i’ve seen, none of the teenage girls around him back at that time seemed bored or disaffected – so it’s not really his area of expertise, you know? : )