8-year-old drummer performs Led Zeppelin


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Eight-year-old kills it drumming to Led Zeppelin

The sheer joy on her face in what she’s doing has made my day.


Led Zep? Van Halen? They always pick their parents’ music.


If she’s 8, I think strictly speaking it would be her grandparents’ music. Possibly even great-grandparents. And what’s with kids today playing Beethoven on the piano? Their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents should let them play modern music, damn it!


I overheard a kid playing “Smoke on the Water” the other day. But just the five notes that seem to come with every guitar.


Foot barely reaches the bass pedal and those sticks are almost as big as her :crazy_face: She’s friggin’ amazing.


Would an experienced drummer chime (cowbell?) in here and explain how her technique, skill and vibe compares with the original Bonzonian? Above all, the joy is infectious.


Her smile at the end erased my feelings of inadequacy. Yay her!


Me: How wonderful!

Also me: I am a failure.


Not only the drums, I also play the keyboard and perform as a vocalist. I compose lyrics and music as well.

Score: Shredmister level


Zeppelin drumming means Bonham and Bonham is a hell of a teacher. Sure, Alex could lay down a decent beat but Bonham was another level.


More cowbell!


i wish Bonzo were alive to see these recent videos. :frowning_face:


“‎The struggle of maturity is to recover the seriousness of a child at play.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


You go girl! She’s going to be a heart breaker.


I’m a drummer. This girl is one of the most talented young drummers I have ever seen. That single-footed double kick work is difficult, really difficult. And she does it clean, with excellent speed and timing, just like the work she does with her hands. She has the feel of the groove down, and has enough skills so that she doesn’t need to rush. She has worked hard to get to this level, and while she no doubt spent a lot of time on this particular song, her skill set will be very easily applicable to all sorts of rock music. In other words, we may see her killing other songs as well. Won’t that be nice ? :slight_smile:


That was my impression, she’s not forcing it. Practice, yes, plus the something else. Really getting it. Great stuff.


She’s matching him note for note. Her technique will be different just because of the size differential, but she’s got the vibe perfectly. Damned.

Right? At first I swore it was double kick, but nope. I could learn a lot from watching this video.


doesn’t have the same sound as banging on cardboard boxes as the original.


I feel that the only correct and proper reaction to this perfomance can, and ought to, be:

                                          Jesus FUCKING Christ!

Update: Robert Plant also says Jesus Fucking Christ: