10-year-old girl performs every instrument on this looping Joy Division cover

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Rock and Roll - Marty, Back to the Future

That was amazing. I didn’t even know what a loop machine was when I was ten, let alone how to record like a prodigy with crowd-pleasing drumstrick flourishes.


Isn’t it lovely to see someone so enthusiastic and excited?


write that name down. she has the chops already at 10!


Nandi has lots of great videos, especially of her drumming. She gives great “rock face.”


Thanks! I need this :slight_smile:


Welp, this is the best thing I’m going to see all week, so I propose we jump immediately to Friday. :slight_smile:


I was looking forward to her actually singing the lyrics. =(

Kids are always innovating and freshening up ideas. Or what old people like me call, “ruining things”.

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I think it’s great!

But, I also always feel like there is a bit of a dark side to things like this (the wunderkind), but people tend to get fucking pissed if you bring it up (“whoever smelt it, dealt it” style where even discussing it invites a personal attack on you). Especially w/ the “awww, shucks” parental demographic.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who are like “welp since I wasn’t amazing by the time I was 6 I’ll never be good enough.” and use this an excuse to not bother. Classical music people are especially neurotic about that sort of thing. Those people are just completely obsessed with “watermarks of talent” like “perfect pitch”, etc, in a way that becomes a bit sad and pathetic. To me, this is a bit of a damned tragedy, particularly with / for randos who just want to branch out late in life, or people who are from non-musical backgrounds.

Another dark side is a lot of people who do well young get a lot of tools / support / training supplied to them, so it can feel like a bit of a dog and pony show for well off upper class parents to showcase themselves vicariously / as extensions of themselves, as some parents tend to do.

Hard to point these things out without drawing ire from people. “You’re just old and jealous and you hate the youth.” Nice try, gen x parents gushing over your shitty rug rats ; P

Some of my best memories in life were watching people who kinda sucked play in my early to mid 20s. People just doin stuff unmolested by late capitalist entertainment industry. I think that is the point of the “punk” ethos. But it’s also cool when anyone does it, sure!

I guess my main point is I feel like it’s better for more people to move and try things and act than just passively listen and consume. However and whenever that happens, is good in my book.

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