8 year old girl crushes Korn's "Freak on a Leash"

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A bright and smiling future for that little mutant child.


Note the guitarist’s shirt…


The kids are alright…


She does a pretty great job. Can’t say its better than the original, but its a great cover :slight_smile:


Yeah, she’s not bad. But there’s a certain level of growl and pathos in the original that she just can’t bring to the table at her age.

Having her play hopscotch is a nice touch though


I, for one, welcome our new Dark Lord. \m/

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I’m sorry if you were unaware that vocalist Jonathan Davis actually does have some childhood trauma he’s bringing to the table when he writes and performs these songs. The growl is undeniable, and the pathos is there.

Mate, she’s 8 years old. Your comparison is bullshit.


Oh no, I acknowledge she did a good job for her age, but it’s impossible for her to completely match up to the original.

I’m sure he does and kudos to him for making art of out it (though frankly, Korn is not really my thing, but YMMV). Doesn’t mean we need to dismiss her performance just because she’s 8. She did a better job than many adults would do if you ask me. But by saying “for her age” just completely dismisses her. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool, but there is no need to be so dismissive of what she’s done here, in part because girls and women of all age have to constantly deal with this shit and frankly, we’re sick of it.


No. I think it’s disingenuous to judge her performance as though it were produced in a vacuum. It’s a cover, other people have covered it, and there’s an original version. To compare her against the original and point out where her version lacks in comparison is a valid thing to do. If anything, I think that everyone is implicitly doing the same thing I am by mentioning she’s an 8 year old. If her age wasn’t part of the equation it would have never been mentioned.

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So, an 8 year old girl is found lacking if she’s not better than an adult… okay then.


When the only metric to compare her performance against is that of an adult’s, yes.
Now is some other child vocalists have recorded covers of the song I’d be happy to compare her against those.

I just have to say it’s weird to assume an 8 year old has no childhood trauma. I mean childhood trauma is from you know, childhood.

I sincerely hope nothing bad has ever happened to this bright and adorable child.

But you know when I was eight I was in the middle of processing someone I knew having been murdered, I really don’t want to get into the things my mom had gone through by the age of eight.


Again, I’d argue she does a better job them most adults would.

This reminds me of the exact same criticism that Nandi gets…

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“This eight year old has done a thing that I’ve only ever seen done before by professional adults. Clearly the only possible rubric is to judge her (poorly) in comparison to them.”


Seems that way :woman_shrugging:t3:


If she were performing original material I’d have nothing but glowing remarks.
I’m a big fan of The Linda Lindas for instance.
But if you perform a cover, I am going to compare it against the original. And if the original was performed by an adult, well that’s who you’re going to be compared against.

I apologize for assuming the best for someone then? My bad?

I’m not crapping on her. Crapping on her would be saying her performance was shit and shouldn’t have been done. I’m saying she’s did a good job, but she’s not able to bring the same level as the original, due to her youth.