Watch this woman track her guitar progress over four years

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Excellent progress. As a beginner guitarist, that was very inspiring (although I’ve started out with acoustic and plan to go electric once I feel competent there). Definitely going to check out some of her other videos to see what her practice regime is like, as well as how she deconstructs a song so she can learn it.


That’s what joy looks like.


Great video! It’s funny how the palette of the self-learning guitar player hasn’t changed in the 30 years since grunge killed the guitar solo. Still Queen, Van Halen, Metallica, and everything similar created since then. And some grunge, too, since Smells Like Teen Spirit is an excellent beginner song with a very non-threatening (almost ironic) solo.

I also like how her expression turns into Eddie Van Halen’s smirk more and more the better she gets.


That is the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in months. It made me weep with joy and appreciation. She’s amazing!

Btw @frauenfelder, her youtube name is Rachelf… can you credit her in the OP?



Sorry - my spelling was off a bit there. I meant phaaaaaarque!

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Very inspriring!

We bought my daughter a quarter-size classical guitar when she was 3. She’s not terribly interested in it (though she’s pretty into her piano lessons) so I dick around on it at night. It’s not that much bigger than a Uke, has a super warm sound and tiny, light action. Learning to move your fingers across the fretboard more and more nimbly over time is the closest feeling to leveling up as a half-elf ranger while sitting on your ass. Plus it makes music.


I also laughed out loud when she got a bass. Something about that transition.

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She’s pretty modest on buying new gear compared to some people I know! Good on her. She’s great.


almost everything I “added” I got for free from others dumping it or moving away. She was at least 10 years ahead of me in acquiring a bass.

I wonder how/why she got an EBow so quickly, of all things.

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She is great inspiration. Grabbing a guitar and trying to make non awful sounds from it is not as easy as it looks. Seeing where you can go is incentivizing enough to make up for the glacial pace of personal progress.

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At the end of it all, she even has the Guitar Solo O Face. Well done!


TIL Seven-string guitar is a real thing!

Now wondering if amps really go up to 11?



love to see her look of joy in every clip.

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The general rule is 20 min a day…practice for that each day and this will be the result.

I don’t care for Ibanez guitars, but that little Yamaha THR desk amp (looks like she has the 5) are awesome! They are very versatile and pack a punch with a ton of features. I use a traditional tube (Peavey mini 20) and 2x12 cab (it’s way more than I need, but I enjoy cranking it up from time to time), but would snatch one of those up in a heartbeat for a small space and travel.

Around nine months that became listenable, but at around 15 months, I started getting pretty impressed. And I love how her smile keeps getting bigger and bigger throughout the four years!

On a related topic, who’s buying her at least six or seven guitars and multiple amps? I wish I had that kind of support at her age.


My only complaint is she isn’t really branching out stylistically - where’s my Django Reinhardt and Niles Rodgers?

But yeah showed this to my daughter who’s on week 6 of this, very inspiring!

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The order in which she does a lot of these is typical but some people throw in the towel after they realize there’s more work to finish the song than the distinctive lick that always sounded so cool and made it memorable. You’re lucky to be starting in an era of youtube instructional videos. Those have helped me realize that songs I had written off as too hard to learn I can pick up pretty quickly. I can hit pause and have it broken into small pieces. Great instructors will also reference their earlier “getting the basics” videos while going through something more advanced. As a kid just starting out, I thought Andy Summers’ stuff would be really hard to play. I now see that his genius wasn’t about fast fingers and impossible chords but in really architecting songs so that his contribution was unique. Erich Andreas aka YourGuitarSage is awesome.

Marshall did make a head with the faceplate marked to 11.

If you think 7 strings are wow, I present, the harp guitar


For the type of music she’s playing, the Ibanez line are a good choice. Plenty of the bands she’s wearing the shirts of use them. Personally, I love my RG370. It’s really well suited for metal and I like the neck profile. The Ibanez Floyd Rose knock-off (Edge Zero II) can die in a fire though.

I really should pick guitar back up, but for whatever reason the corn-teen has ignited an interest in early and baroque music so now I’m learning recorder… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯