30-Day Guitar Workout


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I’ll give the book a try.

I bought a sunburst Fender Stratocaster in 1996. Learned a few scales and chords but never learned a single song. So naturally, I bought another guitar - an Agile 3100 (Les Paul knock off) - in 2008 to have at work in case I wanted to play during the day. That mostly collects dust, so I bought Rocksmith for the PS3 because that seems like a fun way to learn guitar. I used it twice and it was so slow to load I gave up. Then I bought a Line 6 POD device thinking that playing with sounds might make practicing something I want to do. Bought guitar tab books for my favorite bands/albums.

Nothing motivated me to play.

But this book…

This book looks like it might be just what I need. In two days, I start my journey to music GOD.

Seriously. I bought the book and hope it’s as good as you say. This time, I’m going to do the practice.

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I like it a lot. This and the book on Fingerboard Theory for Guitar have helped me most. This guy stays on the music stand.

I have a few others that are pretty good lurking around, like Matt Smith’s Chop Shop for Guitars. It is well worth checking out.

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Eh, I realize that this isn’t for the type of guitar playing you are going for but The Carcassi Classical Guitar book is pretty awesome and covers all keys with scales, exercises and whatnot. Work with it and you will learn the fretboard. Unfortunately, the price seems to have gotten ridiculous. On the same page you can find a link for Segovia’s Diatonic Major and Minor Scales. MUCH cheaper and more compact if a bit on the dull side.

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Wow, right when I was looking for something precisely like this. I finally bought a Brian May Signature one week ago and was just today asking a friend if he could recommend me a book or something (he couldn’t, learned everything through YouTube, which is not something I’d like to do).

Almost ten years ago I was learning to play classical guitar for about a year but naturally forgot almost everything. But after just one week of futzing around with my new electric it’s coming back surprisingly fast. Still I’d like to have something a little more serious than mere Internet tutorials in order to not fall into bad habits and do everything “right” while I still have a more or less clean slate.

Ordered it through Prime; looking forward especially to the warm-ups and exercises! Can’t wait.

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Holy crap, I haven’t laid eyes on one of those in 30+ years! I can’t believe they want $50 for it now. I’d totally dig up my copy to sell if I’d seen it at any time during the last half-dozen times I’ve moved. Wow.

And now I feel kinda guilty I didn’t get anything out of the book. My mom wanted me to pursue classical guitar, but what did I wanna do with my life?

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Heh. Bet you grew up with the Frederick Noad books. I might go and try mine out again! They served me very, very well.

Sometimes I’m amazed at how many people there are just like me in the BB world. Not in just one aspect, but many.

I’ve been playing 35 years - did loads of theory and classical, but made better friends by being a karaoke backing track at parties!


Well, this sucks. My copy was supposed to be delivered today and I just got an email from Amazon saying it won’t be delivered until March 4th. I think your review caused a sell-out.

Hmm. @Falcor told me that Falcor’s copy arrived yesterday.

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My “local” Amazon had three copies when I ordered mine and now there is only one left.

Anyway, I’ve been busy with the exercises since it arrived yesterday! Haven’t taken a look at the DVD yet, but otherwise it’s exactly what I needed (my fingertips may disagree). Thanks again, Jason!

Me neither, but I like the exercises. It is very nice to have someone plan out continuing guitar education for you.

Odd cover? To me it looks like fairly typical early 90s “we hired the cheap guy” style graphic design. You know, from the “we just found out about Photoshop and all its awesome filters” era.

I consider it nostalgic.


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