Fingerboard Theory for Guitar A Music Theory Text for Guitarists


It is kind of an insane book, but Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns is the gold standard for dry, difficult, seemingly opaque implemented theory.

Schoenberg’s Harmony is also a classic, but again it is drrry.

And on a tangent, anything published by Dover about music is worth reading.

Benade is my bestie.

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A little bit of a shameless plug, but useful to readers. Over the last year we put together a series of posts, by three professional guitarists / educators, covering everything from guitar tuning for beginners to using legato techniques. It’s all open to everyone and free of course.

You can see the list of posts here or visit our homepage here. We will be adding more guides in the next few months, so if anyone has recommendations for Lee, Ahmed or Marko, please let us know and we’ll get on it!

All comments welcome. Have a rockin’ day. :smiling_imp:

Could use one of these for banjo - no idea how the damned thing works.

People often look at me funny when they find out my youngest takes ukulele lessons. Like, why not just learn from YouTube, amirite? But her teacher has a career entirely outside the music business and only takes on a few students because he’s from a musical family (and musical culture) and loves to teach the how and why of music. The ukulele is merely the fretboard they are using to understand how to play all fretboards. She’s learning music theory, improvisation, and how to hear a piece of music or see a score written for a completely different instrument (or voice) and figure out how to play it on a fretted instrument.

How I wish I had gotten that sort of instruction when I was younger! Long story short, I think I’ll get this book for myself, so I can hopefully catch up a bit.

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Another shameless plug…

Mike Christiansen started the guitar program at USU. He was the director for 39 years. He is retired now, but his son Corey now teaches in the program. My son had guitar classes from both of them. Both are fun, caring teachers. If you are interested in improving your guitar craft, you might check out USU’s guitar program.

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