FRETX displays tabs and chords right on your guitar’s fretboard

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This is for somebody who spent way too much money on an instrument they never learned to play? And then at the last minute decided to impress the party guests?


Or is in the military. Or is on a merchant vessel or an oil rig. Or doesn’t have the cash for a tutor’s fee. Or has social issues/autism. Or, or, or…

You can drop that snoot, now.


In other words, me. :rofl:

Well, OK, technically I spent way too much money having heirloom family instruments I never learned to play repaired, but the principle’s the same.

  1. How is this at all useful when one can’t actually see the fretboard while playing?
  2. with something attached to the fretboard like that, one can never actually get proper fingering technique
  3. “semi permanent” adhesive strips means most likely damage to the fretboard if one ever wants to remove this thing.



Adjust to different necks eh? I rather think it would struggle to do that based on just the few guitars I ever played on - Classical necks are a lot wider than some off those nimble electric ones, and by quite a bit.

Not only that, it’s a very silly product.

I’ve played strings (not particularly well) all my life, and knowing where to put your fingers isn’t really an issue. Being able to put your fingers there is the hard part. You can memorize a cord form in an hour or a day. The next few years are he hard part.

It’s not even a long pole in any tent.


I think you maybe got a bad deal at the crossroads

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Billy Sheehan uses something like this live. I think the lights are built into the neck.

Needless to say, he knows where the notes are. It just looks cool!

Holy crap, yes. If you haven’t ever, look up the fingerings for the opening arpeggio of “Always with me, Always with you” by Joe Satriani.

This is a golden age for learning how to play guitar. There is a wealth of free and good information online on how to learn. I recommend Justin Guitar on youtube. Lots of free and clear lessons that will take you a very long way.

My two cents on how to learn guitar. Start simple with the basic chords and drill them into muscle memory. Learn a simple song with the simple chords and commit to playing it through. Get to where you can play the song without thinking too much and it flows. Just chords and strumming. Don’t get fancy or try to jump ahead too much. Then, learn another song. Then another. Repeat and have fun forever as you learn songs that you like and want to play. Don’t get distracted by gadgets and gear. Yet, do get the nicest instrument you can as it really makes a difference in sound and playability. Good luck!

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That at least makes some sense.

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