The Jamstik 7 can teach you the guitar — without actually having a guitar

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I bought a dreadnought guitar for $80 and a set of strings for the free setup at the local guitar store. It’s hard to beat the price of practicing on an actual guitar.

A baritone ukulele is very similar to a guitar’s 4 highest strings and good practice for picking and strumming, and for learning the fret board of a guitar. Entry level ukes are inexpensive and the nylon strings are easier on the fingers than a steel guitar. Good for building up some dexterity and music knowledge without sore fingers.

The interactivity of something like a Jamstik is where it really shines. You are somewhat limited to the instruction materials they sell for it. But it is cheaper than lessons, I wouldn’t know if it is as good as lessons though.

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Nothing can beat one on one lessons from a good teacher. The cost associated with going this route used to be really high. But in the age of Skype/Zoom/etc., good online lessons are a viable option.

There are some great online resources for learning guitar. The trick is to make sure that you aren’t practising material far beyond your ability. A teacher will keep you on the right track.

All that said, I am a proponent of using technology to optimize learning. If this thing can teach you to navigate the fretboard, I’m all for it.

Oh, and don’t start with this :wink:

Not sure about this as a guitar substitute, but it looks like a great MIDI controller for guitarists.

Have read of many, many people very unhappy with this,

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Is there a link to product reviews? That price looks good.

Requires Apple products or a spyware browser? No thank you. What terrible developers they must have.

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