The Jamstik lets you practice your guitar skills anytime, anywhere

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As a guitar teacher, I would never suggest a student start with this product. I always start people on an actual guitar.


Yup. A fine used specimen of which can be easily had if you’ve got $199 to spend.

A decent starter electric guitar will often run you about $500 nowadays

Decent starter guitars start under $200.

“A decent starter electric guitar will often run you about $500 nowadays.”

But if you take any $150 guitar and bring it to a good luthier, you’ll end up with a much better instrument. Cheap guitars don’t necessarily sound bad, but they’re often not refined: strings too high or too low, pickups too distant or poles not adjusted, bad or absent trussrod regulation, badly filed frets that will cut your fingers, binding not sanded properly etc. A good guitar isn’t just about sound, and a good luthier can really transform a cheap instrument into something that doesn’t only sound decent, but is also a lot more fun to play.

Waiting at the doctor’s office practicing my guitar. What are you doing?

Aaaaand look like a WANKER!

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Yeah but guitars are such a common instrument passed around among family and friends.

The problem with this learning instrument is all about notes and frets and doesn’t take into account the action and feeling of a real guitar be it acoustic or electric. Kinda like learning piano on a harmonium in my opinion.

Wait. Guitars are cool again?

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