Real strings and frets go digital with the Jamstik wireless smart guitar

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What is this shit? It only has 5 frets!


Is this a joke I’m missing? It clearly has 6 frets.

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Where are you seeing the 6th? At the ‘tuning’ end or at the ‘soundboard’ end?

perfect for all-level guitarists


All right, I’m truly on the side of all you BoingBoingers, but this actually pisses me off.

You’re deliberately withholding the information that this is essentially a clearance sale of outdated goods. This is the first-generation version of the Jamstik; the newer version has Bluetooth, so you don’t need a wire to connect it to your iOS device. (Of course, you linked to your store and not the Jamstick site, so people are unlikely to know unless they do more research.)

Can you imagine how it would feel to buy one of these, and then realize the truth that you bought the old version?

Simple ethics require you to point out that you’re selling this at a reduced price because there’s a newer version. You’ll still sell them, but to an informed buyer. I’m really surprised at whoever posted this without that caveat. Oh, wait – the “store” posted it; I guess no one’s accountable. Shame on you. Really. I mean, really.

We expect better of you. This is sleazy behavior that we’d expect from a big-box retailer, not BB. Please fix it. Both here, and in your store. Can you tell I’m annoyed? Of course I am; I almost pulled the trigger on this.

Here’s the blurb you give yourself on your store:

Trusted Source

We take pride in curating the latest and greatest creative technology products around the globe. We personally research and hand-pick each product to ensure it meets our standards.”

Latest? Not so much. Nothing wrong with that, but you’re morally obligated to let people know.


That whole setup gives me a fucking headache just looking at it. I mean, do you know how cheap guitars are these days? Quite nice ones!!!

Ugghh. I’m getting old.


I am gonna kick it in style and stick to a Casio DG-20

(It also works with Linux and Windows…)


It’s a bit ukulele sized. Wouldn’t something actually the size and approximate shape of a guitar be more use?

Set to electric mandolin, of course.

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