Get a Cyber Monday deal on this smart guitar that makes lessons mobile and user-friendly

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Big glaring issues:

  1. It only works with standard guitar tuning.

  2. It may be the least ergonomic embodiment of a guitar ever invented.

  3. It’s more expensive than a decent used actual guitar from a pawn shop.

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Yes but it’s ON SALE!!!

The Casio DG20 and the G10 from Yamaha did something similar in the '80, using a standard MIDI-DIN to generate MIDI event.
More interesting and usable in a real band and on stage…

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That thing looks like it plays music from the future.

Oh no. I just wasted €1000 on a dumb guitar! Why didn’t someone tell me I could have a smart one for €160…

Would absolutely buy if it came in 35" scale with a quartertone fretboard even if I had to sell plasma to afford it.

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