The most important synthesizers of all time


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If you want to play around with those kinds of noises, a large number of them have emulators available on iOS. Quality varies but it’s still fun.

The MS-10 remake for the Nintendo DS is still the best reason to own one, it’s a joy to make bleeps and bloops with.

They forgot one.

1983 Casio DG-20
Set to electric mandolin

Hear me now.

Also, Casio VL-1.

If it’s good enough for Trio & Strongbad, it’s good enough for me.


Vince Clark (Depeche Mode, Yaz(oo), Erasure) has demonstration videos of his equipment, the Analogue Monologues:
(with Minecraft intro to Part 8)

My favorite synth-porn: Benge’s “Twenty Systems” album. Twenty tracks, twenty synthesizers arranged in chronological order by manufacture. The CD is a book replete with photos to fondle and drool over.

The music is made up of spare repetition studies, which is Benge’s thing, but that style really lends itself to hearing the particular character of each instrument.

I used to have a VL-Tone. There’s pretty good free emulator available.

Also had the DX7, loved the squeezebox sound.

I pined for a Micromoog as a teenager. I was all set to be the next Keith Emerson, except the part about being a highly skilled keyboard player.


I’ve owned a few of the cheaper synths on that list. I made a bass sound the other day that used a Fairlight sample and two Emulator samples. I very much enjoyed the idea that back in the day, when I used to stare at glossies of these instruments and drool, that sound would have cost me around $40,000 dollars to own. I could have bought a house for that money at the time.

There is an Arp Odyssey emulator by GForce called Oddity, it is the most beautiful mono analog virtual synth I’ve ever heard, I love it to bits.

I’m willing to argue that Hammond tonewheel organs are analog electromechanical additive synthesizers; therefore, the list will be incomplete unless it has the B3 on it. The category of synthesizer is really quite fluid, and beautifully so.

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The Korg PolySix was instrumental as well.

Korg is releasing a “faithful recreation” of the Arp Odyssey.

Also, here’s a neat video with Jean Michel Jarre showing off his gear used in Oxygene:

+1 on the VL-Tone.

Where are the Oberhiems?

15 pages of click through for a topic that is essentially link bait guaranteed to cause arguments? Pass.

No VCS3?

[Edit: oh, they mention the VCS3 on the very next page. Never mind.)

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