Last Chance Ends Tonight: Save 40% on Jamstik, the award-winning wireless smart guitar

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Sounds like a bad pickup line from the 70s

the rest of my this ad…

This is the second time I’ve seen this being sold here with no mention of the fact that it’s the now-outdated first model. It’s since been superseded by the Jamstick+, which uses Bluetooth for a cordless connection.

Now, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good bargain… the new model costs nearly three times as much as this reduced price version. Still, not mentioning the difference between the two can be seen as taking deliberate advantage of uninformed buyers.

Think of how you would feel if you bought this, and then learned it was a closeout when you visited You’d probably feel manipulated; you might have preferred spending more for the current model. I expect better from BoingBoing.

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But, but Last Chance!!!

I think you are right that this could be a legit good deal, but not mentioning it is an older model close out is not the most transparent way to promote the deal.

I tend to be suspicious of quotes in ads, so I checked this one:

It’s roughly the title of his 2013 post about Jamstik:

“The Jamstik Is A Cool-As-Hell MIDI Guitar That Will Turn Your iPad Into A Real Instrument [CES 2013]”

So the quote accurately reflects the article’s enthusiasm for Jamstik - but were I a fact checker I’d call the quote false, not for changing title case to sentence case, but for removing the “a” from the quote without ellipses. You can’t just re-write quotes and have them still be quotes. However, at least this quote is mostly for real, unlike some quotes in other BB Store posts.

The BB Store Stack Social deal at $150 with free shipping is $50 less than the cult of mac Stack Social deal, and $150 off the original MSRP. It’s also $59 less than the lowest Amazon listing for new. So, looks like an actual deal for someone who wants the classic version of this instrument new, at a good price, and is willing to take a chance on the “All Sales Final” terms of BB Store. The new + version sells for $270.

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