Watch this fingerstyle guitar maestro cover a-ha's 'Take on Me'


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Fantastic fingerstyle guitar cover of A-ha's "Take On Me"

Way good.


Yeah, I just can’t hear this song the same way after this week’s Ash vs Evil Dead.


Fine playing indeed, but if I never hear this song again in my life, I’ll be happy.


Shit, it takes me about 5 minutes to tune a guitar, and there he his just fucking around with the tuning pegs mid-song to get cool glissando. Well done.


As a guy in his 50s who has been playing guitar for around 40 years, I have to say, I both loathe and love this 20-year old genius.


Very nice technique, I only wish he knew a better song.


OK, that style tuning peg can be ‘set’ to a certain pitch so you can go back and forth to the note you need on the fly. Still impressive, but there’s slightly less skill involved in that maneuver than you think.

I believe it was Adrian Legg who popularized that move on fingerstyle guitar, but banjo players have been doing it since at least Earl Scrugg’s “Flint Hill Special.”



Truly another wonderful thing. Thanks. Had not come across him before, off to find more.
(This is also the sort of wonderful thing that dispirited me enough, in my youth, to give up playing guitar. I knew I’d never be a fraction as good as I wanted to be, let alone anything like able to do proper fingerstyle/picking, which was my aspiration.)


Pah. I could do that. I proclaim myself every bit that guy’s equal.

Lady on the banjo? Might have a slight edge on me. Damn.


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Often imitated, never duplicated.


I can dress myself.


Some people are good at doing things!


Maybe it’s just cause the audio/video sync is off on my device, but it sure seems like he’s using a looper for part of the song.


Thanks I think. I’ve always been blown away by guitarists that have the confidence to retune guitars in the middle of a performance (as part of the performance) but knowing they’re being assisted mechanically brings them back down to earth a little.

But knowing the trick doesn’t ruin this for me:

Good stuff.


That was something else. I’m enjoying this season a lot so far, it seems to have found its feet.


Reminds me of Stanley Jordan.


Yeah, for me, saying “It’s just these special pegs” (or whatever) is pretty much like saying “It’s just these six strings that he plays with his fingers.”

Sure, it’s not magic. But it all takes a hell of a lot of skill.