WATCH: 10-year-old blind kid from Quebec is a self-taught blues guitarist



He is amazing. In case anyone is curious I noticed the guitar is tuned to a dominant seventh chord, so by strumming open strings and moving his hand up and down the neckboard like a capo he gets D7, G7 and A7 “for free”. He adds lots of great touches though, and it’s incredible for any kid (let alone a blind 6-year old, which is how old he was when the first youtube videos were posted of him) to figure this all out for himself by listening to songs (even the lyrics he’s had to teach himself phonetically from recordings, he only speaks French).


His name is Felix, he has a youtube channel

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I’m surprised they haven’t smacked him down for copyright violation. What’s the matter, Youtube? Off your game?

Amazing, but shouldn’t someone tell him pajamas aren’t the usual bluesman outfit, or day wear for that matter?

My thought exactly! Amazing as this kid is, I kept wondering where he goes to school that he gets to wear pajamas all day (and what school allows it’s walls to be unpainted MDF board).

I could definitely have gone for some “wearing pajamas all day in school” days as a kid.

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That’s how Jeff Healey taught himself to play too.


I suspect that the pajama comments are being made humorously, but the text at the beginning of the video states that they are at summer camp and it was raining that evening, so I guess instead of singing around a campfire before bedtime he performed for them indoors.

They may not be the usual outfit we see on stage, but I bet 99.9% of blues folk would love to adopt them 100% of the day!

“Blind Maple Syrup Felix.” Huh, not a bad blues name at all.

The hell you say.

Anyone else see the ghostly form of the Gipper looking down on him from the blackboard there?

They’re not going to smack down a little kid learning about music. They know what it is to master their guitar, write songs, and sing them freely, worrying about getting screwed over by IP lawyers later.

Oh, sorry, you meant the “copyright owners”.

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I understand his parents gave him a guitar around the age of three, but they didn’t know much about guitars. It’s amazing what can happen when the parents don’t use their wisdom to teach how it should be done.

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