Gentleman may be the angriest guitar player of all time

I feel bad for him, because he is obviously in great emotional distress. And yet, I cannot stop watching or laughing. [Video Link, via Robert Popper] READ THE REST


This man would be an awesome metal/grindcore guitarist, he just hasn’t realized it yet. Plus, the beard and 'stache make him a natural stage animal.


Yipes. I found that a bit tough to watch.


Holy crap. I doubt that is an effective way to learn guitar.


Been there. Done that.


I’ve gotten mad at my self/guitar many times in the past too. But I always had the sense to delete the results off any recording equipment that may have been functioning at the time.

This guy decided to upload it? He’s one brave dude.


I couldn’t watch after the first 30 seconds or so. Why was he torturing himself like that?

I lost it at: “John, you just broke your guitar.”
“I don’t give a shit!” KICK

So much for music soothing the savage breast.

I remember being this way at the age of 10, trying to learn how to juggle tennis balls. The most frustrating thing about tennis balls is that you can’t hurt them when you want to.

Anyway, one does have to get through the anger phase before one reaches acceptance, no?

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Take a lesson from someone who’s been there: When you find yourself punching your own hand, find another hobby.


Who else expected a Deep South accent?

Yeah, I couldn’t quite make it past a few second. Poor fella.


So that would be Pete Townshend Sr.?

Reminds me of the Richard Condie short “Getting Started”

(9:24 for the eerily similar bits)

It’s okay to point and laugh at him because he’s cognitively different, but it’s not okay to point and laugh at him because he’s fat.

Got it.

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Forget a metal/grindcore guitarist, with that scream and growl, he needs to be a metal/grindcore vocalist!

Thought he was going into his Curly Howard impression at 1:11.

I’d take up gardening personally.

I found Part 2, and then this, which provides a mild contrast in so many ways:


I’m pretty sure you’ve got that backwards. At least in the US version of “polite society”.

i know how he feels. having to click to go to another page to comment on the articles is kinda making me feel the same way. : ) but seriously, i felt bad for him. i have had this kind of frustration, and he’s trying so hard… i hope he got it down pat in the end. PS - man, do i love his accent.

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