Smug shlub picks a fight with a gym coach on crutches and quickly regrets it

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The boxing coach did this guy a real favor, and worked very hard to teach him a valuable lesson. He could have ignored him, and the guy would have no doubt picked on someone else. He could have beat the snot out of the guy and humiliated him. Instead he made it clear that he was a pro – he tapped him a couple times but kept him standing. He talked him through the entire round.

Hopefully the shlub comes back for lessons and learns discipline.


More likely this punk with poor impulse control will end up back in prison after he takes out his humiliation on someone who can’t defend him- or herself as well as the coach did.


Sloppy and arrogant, no foot work, throwing punches for the haymaker, what a tool. Stick to what you know, being a loud mouth asshole.


He also learned that jabs and body blows by a boxer frickin’ hurt. I learned that the hard way myself when a friend of mine who boxed golden gloves wanted to practice spar with me and I stupidly accepted. Lasted about 2 minutes, which seemed like hours.


Not a big boxing fan, but I love schadenfreude!


Okay, I’ll take your advice.


something something throwing schade :thinking: help me out here


Shortly afterwards the challenger stumbled out of the gym and promptly drove to Metropolis to tug on Superman’s cape.


Typically punks like that don’t learn. Because it’s not about boxing or sport to them. It’s about supremacy. Having said that, I hope he doesn’t come back with other plans.


Too arrogant to wear headgear. Too dumb to catch the message that the coach, by not wearing headgear, is showing contempt for his ability.

And slow.


He might be interested in a particular kind of supremacy.


I can’t help but feel sad for the guy. Not because he’s receiving is comeuppance, but because of where he is in life, because of his anger issues. I mean, dude feels the need to go and get self-worth by beating people up. I do wish for him to go back and learn discipline, like another posted, but this isn’t the movies.

It would help if getting help wasn’t seen as a weakness. Mocking him doesn’t help.


The first few shots I thought he was starting slow and easy because of the coach’s surgery, but he never got faster and when the coach was mixing up the speed he couldn’t block any of them, he’s just that fucking slow. Maybe drugs, yeah, that would explain it all.


I mean, the guy has no game at all, defense or offense. He has virtually no capability versus any able-bodied person, much less this lethal boxing coach. His manner was “tired”, ambling, slow, and unimaginative. His incompetence was manifest within seconds: he’s flat-footed, always too close, terrible weight placement, telegraphing all his moves, all while his head is just sitting there, an immobile target, just waiting to get popped.

Maybe the “street fights” that he remembers so fondly were high-school tussles from 35+ years ago, when he presumably was in somewhat better condition(?) One thing’s for sure. As he’s an idiot, I believe he went to prison, but: he never “fought” in prison. He’s a minimum-security, good-behavior boy, all the way.   Shlub is the perfect word for him. He’s not even a bully.


Some years ago I was jumped by three guys . After the smoke cleared I called the cops and within a minute the area was ringed by cop cars. big fuss ensued, eventually all of them trussed up and sent off . Being especially insightful, I said “why so serious?” to one of the cops. Turns out the main bad guy was on his first day of freedom after being locked up for quite a while. He got a couple friends together and had a day of terror; somewhere along the way they stole a crutch from a guy and beat him with it, then went to a liquor store and robbed it, beating the clerk with the crutch (on video of course). Then, on a busy street they attacked a twenty year old guy, cutting him up pretty badly. Then my turn, on the same street about three blocks away. Hard not to think he wanted to go back to prison, and take his friends with him. The weapons offences would make it a long time, too. One of the cops said some of these guys deliberately put themselves back in prison because they are not prepared for outside life, and some have positions in prison gangs that they want to maintain. Our guy in this video looks headed that way, hope he found his way back without hurting someone


Just from his steps after climbing into the arena, this was not going to end well for him.


Miserably slow, what is called “telegraphing” his next move, and watched way too many boxing movies, which are total BS. I wish him luck with his new found love of Boxing…


Nobody made him get into the ring, he did it all by his adulting self, so zero pass on his…whatever you want to call that display of manly swaggering.


Granted, even if the guy had gone into the fight with a lot of speed and dexterity I have a hunch those first few punches to the head probably would have knocked that out of him pretty quick.