Visually impaired 6-year-old practices Bohemian Rhapsody


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Thanks for sharing this Mark. Definitely worth the 7 minutes. There are some great moments and dare I say, a few sparks of genius. This kids has the perseverance needed to nail this soon enough. I can’t wait to see him in a couple of years.


What Logolepsy said.

Wow. Just wow. I hope he makes it big in whatever he chooses to do, and I hope it’s music.


Man this kid is awesome :slight_smile: I really hope years from now he’ll be rocking out as a musician.


Right. For being pint-sized, he’s nailing those vocal fluctuations with that little voicebox of his, and it must suck to work on man-sized equipment at this age. Can’t wait to see him when he’s grown.


Can we get over this song yet? I was sick of it 30 years ago.


Man, I get it, but you know, it’s possible to let people enjoy harmless truly wonderful things even if you don’t like them…

I leave this here for you:

Also, for a 6 year old, he seems to have pretty darn good vocal control and pitch.


Dude’s pretty awesome - can’t hep but feel like he could have done with a cushion or something though! Piano’s hard enough without making it even harder!


It’s… It’s almost like he hasn’t been listening to it for 30 years. :slight_smile:


The awesome thing about the power of choice is that you never had to click on the article, see this video, or even comment but thanks for the opinion!


I was thinking the same thing.



Sigh, it’s just everywhere!


I know, right?

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