Watch this kid shred Smells Like Teen Spirit on the ukulele

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A Truly Wonderful Thing Kid
Thanks for sharing it.


He’s also playing two parts, and I think at times three, on a single instrument. Something I haven’t seen done very often. Newton Faulkner does a pretty amazing rendition of Massive Attack’s “Teardrops” on guitar, but I can’t really think off the top of my head of any other professional musician that routinely does this sort of stunt. Pretty damn good!


Something about the way guitarists contort their hands when playing looks very painful to me, but that could just be me imagining my old arthritic joints trying to do the same thing.

This kid is a genuine prodigy. I give this performance 5 :guitar::guitar::guitar::guitar::guitar:


So what kind of tuning is he using? Does anyone know?

I see he’s using bottom string as a bass, when it’s usually tuned much higher for some weird reason. I usually play guitar and this could make my uke much more useful to me if I could figure out what he’s doing.


My thoughts entirely - Newton is another player who can make you think several people are playing at the same time.

And did my ears deceive me or did he go hidden James Bond theme around 0:52 in?

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Oh, it is painful, for the first year.


If you’re interested, wo more guitarists that spring to mind are Michael Hedges and Pierre Bensusan. Different styles entirely but wonderful musicians that play multiple, complex parts simultaneously. Also Leo Kottke (Mona Ray in particular is transcendentally beautiful) and Nathan Salsburg.


Tuck Andress is master of this. Martin Taylor is another.


It looks like a low-G tenor uke to me. G-C-E-A with the G string an octave lower than usual. You can think of it as the four high strings of a guitar with a capo on the 5th fret

You can buy low-g string sets over the counter and wack them on any uke.

Much easier for fingerstyle arrangements.


Thanks! .

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Not uk but g’tar…my fingers automatically start cramping and bleeding. :grin:

Finger Them Strings, You Bitch!

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Bless you for mentioning Tuck. Tuck and Patti once opened for Leo Kottke here in Austin at the Paramount. He generally plays here every spring. Well, the audience was polite and had no idea. They started playing soft jazz, jazz standards. She had a lovely voice and Tuck seem quite competent as a rhythm guitarist to back her up. And then, he soloed. This is Austin, guitar town. You could hear gasps and loud whispers of, “What the fuck is he DOING!” We were blown away. Leo came out and the first thing he said was, “That guy must have hands of a squid!”


After, that, it is just agony.

This kid puts the “cool” in ukulele.

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Before this kid this is the kind of line someone would make to highlight a particularly square person in a comedy.


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