Kick-ass flamenco ukulele shredding


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Came here to read about the kick ass flamingo… I really need to wake up more before surfing the web in the morning. At least the ukulele playing was pretty good.


Taimane is amazing. Anyone who disagrees is a moron.


Taimane is awesome, and if you like her stuff, you may also like Jake Shimabukuro:

(Admission: for a while I was obsessed with finding people on youtube that didn’t do the usual style of uke playing. It seems like an instrument that is very often not used to it’s full potential.)


He’s amazing too!


Hanna Pa’a!!

That’s cool. I like that.


Great sound. That is cool.



It’s linked on the main page, but I’m reposting here cause I love it… Toccatta (also, tiny hat!):


This is exactly what I’m talking about.

The uke is obviously an instrument that is capable of much more than it’s usually used for.
(sorry, and I know this will draw criticism, but a lot of my family is from Hawaii, and I’ve heard so much uke music that just sounds like “plinka plink” repeated ad nauseaum).


Agreed… I play the uke (poorly and solely for my own amusement) and it’s nice to see individuals who are true virtuosos on the instruments. I also really dig the more avant garde employement of the instrument, such as with the Tuneyards or Beirut. I do like sort of cutesy, plinka, plinka stuff, too, though… I quite enjoy this song, for example (NSFW):

(Arlo Guthrie’s daughter is in this band, FWIW - sort of seems like Garfunkle and Oates kind of cribbed from what they have been doing for a while).


The digital delay gives it an almost mandolin like quality.


My daughter is in the process of transcribing some Bach pieces to play on ukulele, and apparently she can copyright her scores when she’s done because there isn’t a lot of classical (etc.) transcription done yet for the instrument.


That’s amazing… does she make videos of her playing the scores she makes?


No, she’s quite shy. She’s turned down a few offers for (small) concerts as well. But she loves the learning and playing aspects, so who am I to push her to do something she doesn’t want to do?


I have one of those. drawing is her talent, and that’s a bit easier for her to share than playing music life.

Good to see the next generation taking music seriously, though! Good for her!


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