Black Sabbath For Ukulele


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I thought this was a CD, but it’s sheet music! I didn’t even know such things still existed!


For when you want to rock a little.


Well, not actually sheet music, but tabs. Tabs being specifically intended to illustrate how to play a song on a guitar or guitar-like instrument.


Still not as jarring as hearing ‘Losing My Religion’ in a major key.


Shouldn’t we have a Why or Why Not Black Sabbath For Ukulele? thread, first?



Uke, and Cowbell


I’m holding out for a theramin


sadly the intertubes are failing to find such a wonderful combination.


The Uke and Theramin are good, but I just gotta have more cowbell.


I still love playing Psycho Killer on uke whenever company is over.


Be gentle; I don’t record much.


Did you hear about Beck’s album that was released only on sheet music? I still refuse to listen to any recordings of it on the grounds that I don’t want to let it poison my interpretations.

Too bad I’m too cheap and/or lazy to buy it.


Seeso is a ukulele genius. War Pigs is great. He does a lot of other covers as well as originals. Highly recommend you watch some of his YouTube channel. He’s pretty much a gift to the ukulele community. He’s shared a lot of ukulele music over the years. Helped me learn. It’s much more difficult to find ukulele music than say guitar and his contributions are well documented. I’ll be buying this.


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