Ukulele cover version of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck"

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the dude should do a cover of Berserker if he hasn’t already


I love how it takes all the oomph of the original and just… doesn’t have that!

Now I’m imagining “Night on Bald Mountain” but played by a mouse orchestra. It would be awesome.

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If the mice had killer thighs, though. What about then?

This is the only legitimate cover of Thunderstruck that I will recognize.


This is full of awesome. And as a uke-girl myself, I couldn’t take my eye off Fabi!, cuz GOALS!


There is only one ukelele cover:


Not a uke version, but that puts me in mind of the Radio Disney version of Angel of Death:


But this one has flames:

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I was going to post the same thing.

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The dude? What about the clearly not invisible female person who is 50% of what is going on?


Amazing! Thank you!

Meanwhile, the legendary animated amigurumi ukulele group U900 re-emerged this week as Coconut Covers.

Because my comment was solely about him, and not about her at all.

In every video he sings with a very affected pseudo-grunge rasp, regardless of its appropriateness to the tune. It wasn’t a compliment. See their Dire Straits cover.

Her voice is actually very good (see the GNR cover) so I didn’t include her in the insult.


If we are doing Thunderstruck covers, I’m shocked no one has mentioned this:

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Oh, those guys are hammy… and awesome. They have some really great covers, and a video they did with Steve Vai covering Highway to Hell.

I’ve been enjoying a lot of wonderful and eclectic covers lately, but my favorite remains The Heimatdamisch and their “oompa” music versions of rock tunes.

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