Hand-made, hand-painted ukulele



That’s a beaut… I’d never play it, if I had one. I’d just put it up on the wall and day dream instead.

  1. It’s great.

  2. Does anyone know what kind of paint could you do this with and still have it be playable? It doesn’t look stained and the artwork too detailed to be mask and spray lacquer.

Very pretty to look at, but what does it sound like? It looks more like an art piece and it would be a shame to damage the painting by playing it.

I’ll keep looking longingly at the nice Martin uke in the local music shop …

Let me guess it’s an internet ukulele. Nothing but naked women and cats!


Amy Crehore also does very lovely monkeys. I’d love to see a uke covered with Crehore monkeys. It looks like she did sneak a couple in on earlier pieces:

Hand-painted Antique Ukes by Amy Crehore | Flickr

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