Novelty ukuleles


@frauenfelder, the headline isn’t visible on the BBS, and therefore no link:

If you want old school:

(I’ve had this bookmarked for years and years.)

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I built their mandolin and was incredible disappointed in the parts quality.

Did you build the uke, and what was your experience with it?

That kit has been on my “Maybe I should buy and build this some day” list for some time. But if you’ve had a bad experience, I may give it a pass!

I looked through the PDF instructions for the uke just now. The finishing directions include some interesting directives, like not mucking about in the room where you’re going to paint the instrument, and leaving immediately afterwards. It is intended to reduce dust blowing around, but w/o saying that it sounds like the uke might be ashamed to be seen in its freshly painted state.


Ok, well, don’t let me discourage you too much. For $26 it might be worth taking a chance.

I want to get one and paint it like Patricia Day’s bass.

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True. I’d have to buy one tool – a strap clamp – but that would be handy for other things.

I could practice on the thing in the development’s little park, and confirm to my neighbors that I’m insane. Maybe get paid to go away.


…because ukuleles weren’t adorable enough.

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I like your thinking. Even if you are a really good player, you could arrange to forget everything you learned at Juilliard and make your money back in an hour.

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Check out Montreal’s Ukuléké Bling Bling.

Are there non-novelty ukuleles? (runs away)


My Grizzly Uku kit is on the way.

Now need to think about how to finish it. Natural wood colors? Glossy black with ominous symbols stencilled on? Googie colors and patterns?

I was gonna say, aren’t all ukuleles more or less for novelty?


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