Two new 3-string guitars from Loog

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I absolutely love my Loog.

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I would love it if they made an electric model strung like a uke. I’ve been hung up on the idea of an electric ukulele with a strat/tele body, but it just doesn’t seem to exist…

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A quick google shows that electric ukes in Telecaster (and Les Paul) shapes are indeed a thing. i didn’t see a Strat shape, but I only spent about 30 seconds looking.

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Most of them are just hollow bodies with a piezo pickup and a fancy paint job. Or they are handbuilt.

There is a solid body uke from a company called Vorson (, but they don’t seem to distribute in Canada.

It’s a pretty niche market, I guess.

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AMS seems to ship to Canada. It was, like, the 4th picture that turned up in my search. They also have a Strat-y version.

If you’re not married to a Fender shape, I think this one from Rondo Music looks awesome, like an old Guild S100/Gibson SG.

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What’s wrong with handbuilt? Your neighborhood luthier needs the work, you know.


I’ve been making my own cigar-box guitars for a while. A lot more fun than just going out and buying something, and a great learning experience.


I vote for this also. Though I also need to get better at playing a ukulele to deserve such an instrument.

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I’d disagree with that - if you think you’re not great at ukuleue (yet), going from four strings to three is a good idea. I found uke to be much simpler than guitar, for the same sort of reason, and before that, moving to a saz (which is a Turkish long-necked lute with only three courses of strings) was even better. Having to worry about only three (courses of) strings simplified things to the point where I finally felt I could play more freely and intuitively than I had ever with a guitar, and once I had that down, moving up to four strings on a uke was pretty easy.

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I have an acoustic/electric bass uke from Rondo Music that my wife got for me for Christmas that I’m quite pleased with. My understanding is that they’re getting them from China and doing basic QC and setup. Mine had a little bit of fret buzz on one fret that I took care of myself, but they have a reputation for good customer service, so I would be comfortable buying from them.

Also, FWIW, the pickup/preamp that came installed on my bass uke is very good (sounds great plugged straight into my amp) and can be had for cheap on Amazon. Cosmetically, both of these are identical to what I have: and although it’s hard to say that they are identical internally, but it’s so common for cheap electronics like that to be sold under 50 different brands that it’s likely. So pick up one of those and a $30 uke and you’ve got yourself a good weekend project.

That’s really nice work! I bought a cigar box guitar last year, but so far I haven’t made the time to learn to play it…

Thanks for the advice, I will think about it. I get the ukulele and its four strings, I have a bunch of chords memorized but I don’t really play individual strings or strum artfully. When I demonstrate to myself that the ukulele is not just a fad for me I will have earned the right to supplement with other instruments.

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