Ukeleles: Everyone's playing them (early 20th-c. vintage ads)


Better than extra good? Now I’ve heard everything!

All people who didn’t grow up with creepy Tiny Tim was regularly on network TV playing his stupid Ukelele. I had nightmares as a kid of Tiny Tim.

Heaps! Glorious heaps!!

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This post was obviously for me and a very small, close circle of friends. :slight_smile:

We worked for many years at a wonderful, confusing, infuriating, but awesome second hand music store that specialized in obscure instruments. Banjo-ukes lined a wall, surrounded by beautiful vintage (and sometimes koa) ukes. Next to them were the ouds, balalaikas, bouzoukis; then the hurdy gurdys, Hardanger fiddle (singular), arch-top mandolins (edit: and a few ‘bowl back’ mandos, though i can’t think of their proper name), and near-turn-century Gibson/Martin guitars.

Of course I was the woodwind/brass guy, so I got to see even weirder stuff. But that is a tale for another time :smiley:


I had to look up “Banjo-ukes” to see if it was the same as a Banjolele and it is! Of course, I only know what a banjolele is because it caused a rift in the Wooster household.


so, everyone knows about the portugese immigrants that brought the ukelele to hawaii, right?

CSB: I was at a show in LA a few weeks ago, and low and behold Hugh Laurie was seated two rows behind me. Everyone was super polite and left him alone, except one lady that walked past, did a double take, then pointed and covered her mouth at the same time. It was priceless.

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(early twentieth century ads)

Thanks for clarifying that the modern ukelele sensation that’s currently sweeping the nation has deep roots

Just like they brought the instrument that came to be known as the cuatro to Latin America.

“Hi-de hi-de hi-de hi, Sir”

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what can i say, i adored the fry/laurie interpretation as well :smiley:

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Now see, a real method actor would have learned to play the instrument as written instead of substituting one he already knows how to play. :wink:


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