Enjoy these delightful piano lessons from Mikael Jorgensen of Wilco

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As a piano player what I really want to look at is his hands on the keys rather than his face mouthing words at me.

But what do I know?

Ha these are just awesome. Thanks for posting this.

And @gmoke, personally I found this approach pretty appropriate since he’s focusing on the emotion of the chords and not technique. He’s trying to show why to use these chords, not how. There’s lots of how out there, and for folks who play a lot of jazz standards most are pretty familiar anyway. Well, maybe not the G7b9#11! Spicy!

On a sidenote, my favorite is this last one. Ouch!

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“D minor, which is the saddest of all keys.”


I’m not really a musician, but do these qualify as lessons? Just sayin’…

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Music lessons for those without a piano.

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I did too because I thought these were lessons?

Still watched all of them though because they bring me right back to every time my undergrad harmony study partner turned out to be a jazz major. Good times.

And the best number in the pythagorean theorem is 25. Oh man, that 25 just totally makes that triangle.

Also, the best word in literature is “light”.

Think of them as music lessons, not piano lessons. And if you need lessons where you need to see hands on keys, I have a feeling these lessons won’t be for you.

You do. Why?

Because the note names should be plenty. Having to show you where the notes are on the piano is like those YouTube guitar lessons demonstrating advanced concepts but that still start with a demonstration of how to tune the guitar. A lesson doesn’t need to work for all levels, it’s enough to be an advanced lesson. But these really aren’t piano lessons anyway, they’re quickie lessons in music theory.

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