Learn how to play piano chords in under 8 minutes


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Information density much too high! A beginner would be overwhelmed in the first 60 seconds.



Yet the payoff is very low. The end result sounds vaguely like “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz but very barebones.


If he had just taken a few breaths along the way, it might have been an easier-to-follow 15 minutes.


Ah, but at that speed, in 30 minutes you’re ready for


When I’m in a thrift store and some kid is banging away on a piano or toy keyboard I show them they can make chords just by holding down any three white keys that are one key apart, and move that shape around for other chords, then show them they can solo with the other hand just by playing only the white notes. They don’t always get it, but sometimes I can see it’s like opening up a door for them.



Black notes are easier. You can solo over E flat blues using only the black notes, and the left hand pattern isn’t super duper hard to learn. Plus it looks crazy difficult because it’s only black notes, and the occasional white key with the left hand.


That’s all I needed. Now I’m ready for Rach 3.


Or you could just get a chromatic button accordion style keyboard (or Bayan, which is a mirror image of the C-system) and learn all the chords at once, in a fraction of the time.


The problem with the accordion button layout is that the left hand only has the root, major third, major chord, minor chord, dominant seventh chord, and diminished chord. Anything more sophisticated and you have to mash down multiple buttons. Then again, I wouldn’t recommend sophisticated chords, because each note in the chord is across multiple octaves, so the voicing is lost. For example, F6 and Dm7 are the exact same chord :confused:


This is the right hand layout for a C-system accordion. If you look, a minor chord, or any other chord, always has exactly the same shape, and you just move your hand to play it with a different root.


I was talking about the left hand:


They make hexagonal keyboards that aren’t attached to accordions, that you can play with both hands.


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problem with exercise is that it is difficult AND takes time.


pro tip: it is much easier to just buy the gear.


That’s how it works; an hour of submission on an incline to VR-san and you get an hour more life. If you can cheat and write test code or skim webinars, or at least become a fan-wielding microprojector wizard, all the better.

Also, send pix of how you do it wearing the circular piano because I have descriptions of contusions I have which I can’t unravel.


That’s what i figured; i did have concern that over-driving the system might induce neuro-capacitive reflux for middle management types. not to mention incorporating the “potato harvest” revelations our aquatic friends worked so hard to win using only office supplies.


Apologies, circular pianos are out of season due to cold weather restrictions. hopefully the attached photo of how i do it wearing the oval organ will suffice.


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