Learn how to play piano chords in under 8 minutes

Yeah, that’s another valid way to do it, but just saying “only white keys, in this shape” I think is still easier for a kid to grasp.


E flat blues. Pick a black note, any black note. You won’t be wrong.

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Yeah, but that’s really just a pure pentatonic scale, no blue note, kinda dull, and my impression is that kids ears are more attuned to diatonic major/minor scales. But whatever, I don’t want to argue the point, I suppose if I find myself in that situation again I can point out the black note method too.

C and F major chords-- CEG to CFA, really easy to show someone, low C stays constant.

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The scale in talking about is not the same kind of pentatonic scale people think they know, and it doesn’t make much sense to teach it to a beginner as music theory, but more like a cool trick.

The type of pentatonic scale I learned at first did make sense, but was more boring to play and to listen to. CEG = C Major. Add A and D and you have a pentatonic scale, and also a steel guitar chord. Also, each note in the chord has its role, and the A and D make good passing tones for simple melodies. Then, we can add the E flat and B flat as blue notes. Also, adding the 7th opens up a whole new box of theory.

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