13-year-old treble singer Malakai Bayoh earns golden buzzer from Simon Cowell

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Easy to briefly set aside my indifference over Simon Cowell’s opinion (or new surgically disrupted face) and appreciate the raw bravery and talent of that young lad. Marvelous, he killed it. :sparkles:


A great voice, and not what I was expecting to come out at all when he started.

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Each intervention seems like an improvement at the time … but the end result is we all eventually look like the Bogdanoff brothers

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Everytime I see those pictures, I see Jordan Peele in intentionally absurd make-up for a Key & Peele skit.
Maybe just me?

A few days before, at his debut at the Royal Albert Hall in London.


This is the lad some idiot booed at Covent Garden. The rest of the audience cheered the lad and the heckler has been banned for life.
No one can tell why. Black singers are fairly common so its unlikely to be racism but what other reason, the singing was said to be excellent


Truly beautiful voice, and he and his family seem very sweet and down to earth.

The elephant in the room is perhaps the question of whether he will be able to continue hitting those notes as he goes through puberty. Hopefully so, but also hopefully he and his family are aware that this particular singing voice might not continue into adulthood.


In the first piece I linked to above – the Handel – I was noticing small evidence of voice-changing already, so it’s true that his days as a treble are likely numbered, but with the level of training, experience, and skill that he has, he’ll still be singing beautifully for the rest of his life.

Also, weirdly, men have a much greater ability to continue to sing the high notes from childhood, using falsetto, whereas women can almost never hit bass or even baritone notes because they never have.


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Even POPULAR Black singers face racism.



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