My family went to The Alchemist escape room and loved it

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Sounds great, but where’s the stuffed alligator?

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Considering how many times I rage-quit Myst before downloading a walkthrough I know these rooms are not for me.

What I need is more of a classic D&D room with destructible environments where I can RP as my half-Ogre with 18:00 so I can do some bending and breaking.


I could use a padded room and I am in a straight jacket. Door is unlocked, but the handle is way up high.

Free drugs if I don’t solve it. Maybe I won’t.


I second escape rooms as a fun thing. I went to one for my Birthday this year and it was one of the best times ever.


Unfortunately, all the “break a bunch of stuff rooms” seem to be designed so you can only RP a bull in a china shop.

These rooms have been popping up all over the place near where I live. They are so much fun. In one of the rooms, we started off chained to a wall and had to find a key in order to unlock ourselves. In another room we went to, I had to try 3 times with my son. Finally (on his 8th birthday) we figured out the last puzzle.

Not everyone likes this kind of thing, but if it sounds fun to you, then you will love it.


The folks over at Geek & Sundry did the Escape Room. The link includes a video of the hectic frantic fun!



I know you say she doesn’t like games generally, but I just have to suggest playing Riven, the sequel to Myst, if you or her haven’t already. It’s just the best puzzle game ever, Myst is nothing compared to it, the puzzles seem like part of the world and make sense and aren’t just puzzles, the story is really good, and the graphics still hold up today I think… that is all. Oh, and they are re-doing Riven in real-time now…


That sounds really cool, @frauenfelder. All the best to your daughter and I hope her friend improves too.


@frauenfelder I am glad you and yours were released from the Alchemist room. Will you go back and challenge it again? Or, once you try it, do you have too much knowledge to fairly try that room again?
It’s a swell idea, and family fun for all.

Now I know what to give my husband for birthday. I love puzzles, but he generally hates them* so I’m thinking this might be a way of sneaking a puzzle into the relationship😉.

*He really gets annoyed when I ask, “Guess what?”

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This sounds pretty fun! Nifty!

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