My daughter and I almost escaped from a sealed cavern before running out of air



Wild! I never heard of these places!

How soon until one figures in an episode of CSI or Elementary?


I will mourn your virtual deaths. Way to be a dad though! Spending time with your kids where you interact back and forth with them is the greatest thing.

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no brute force attacks on combination locks

Are you allowed to pick pin-and-tumbler locks?

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I’m not going to look anything up, but a scuba tank holds about 70 cubic feet of air and that would last about an hour at sea level, so you’d last most of the day on a space the size of an an average bathroom. Unless of course local chemical reactions (rusting metals etc) had depleted the O2 levels.

Reminds me of Starsky and Hutch Season 1 Episode 19 The Omaha Tiger at 28:00

Sounds like Bones to me.

Not as familiar with Bones, but I’m sure they do that sort of “Ripped from the Headlines” thing too!

(The original Law & Order did that a lot; sometimes the topical gimmic was the red herring, though.)

Reports of people suffocating in Israel during gas attack alarms in rooms sealed with duct tape may be an urban legend.

Bones is one of those shows where it’s all about how disgusting the initial corpse is. It’s best seen in HD, so you can see all the maggots. The lead character is a forensic anthropologist.

“Why is this corpse down HERE”? is a common thematic element.

Hmm. I notice there’s one in the Chicago area … close to where a few of my sweeties live. This may have to happen. (“Hey sweeties, I found what I want to do for my birthday!”)

We did one of these here in SLC, Utah (search Mystery Escape Room). It was way fun! Had an hour to find our way off a pirate island. They routinely rotate out the room themes and storylines and such. Was a good group activity, but if I did it again I would limit the number of people attending so as to ensure everyone participates and is able to collaborate. We had 12 people play and it hindered our progress having people scatter and go do their own work to solve the puzzle, most of which needed to happen linearly.

Is it analogous to a live action version of Myst?

But the elevator in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is real. No glass really breaks, but it does descend.

This sounds like a fun thing to do on a weekday afternoon, though. To think it’s just thirty miles away…

When they say “no brute force attacks,” do they mean you’re not allowed to try all the possible combinations, or do they mean literal force, e.g. with a crowbar?


It’s more a live-action version of the plethora of Room Escape puzzles that litter the web (mostly from Japan, interestingly enough.) Lots are linked here:
Although there are certainly some real-life rooms that requires a bit of mechanical construction, but it’s hard to make those work reliably in a setting that requires tear-down very frequently (since the room has to be “reset” after each group.)

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It reminded me a lot of The Crystal Maze, which I don’t think ever made it to the US. I did hear the other day that there’s somewhere in the UK (near Birmingham?) that’s doing a sort of live experience sort of thing based on Crystal Maze that sounds much like what Mark and his family have been up to.
Even as an adult I’m tempted, 14 y/o me watching the Crystal maze would have nagged and nagged and nagged my parents to take me.

I’ve done one of these in London - it was awesome fun! We went as two groups doing the same game at the same time. The fact it was also a competition to get out first made it all the more enjoyable. Highly recommend.

There are two in Chicago, not just one. And yes, I’ve already forwarded the links to the daughter whose birthday is coming up in a few weeks!

Well thank goodness they didn’t chain you to a radiator and give you a saw.

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Sorry, you’re correct, there are two - one downtown and one in Addison. Of course, only one of those is close to my sweeties!