Two teens were lost in tunnels of Paris catacombs for three days


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Once the batteries of your flashlights go out, you’re in complete darkness, feeling your way along among walls made of human bones…shiver


You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.


I have the impression people do wander out of the public areas regularly – but you’d think those with the nerve to encourage such wandering would have great incentive to keep tabs on each other, or at least to keep the stories out of the news, lest heightened security measures put an end to their amusement.

The catacombs have been around for a very, very long time. What could have gone wrong? Maybe a barrier or warning sign was simply improperly maintained? Or is this the result of a rookie reporter or city worker with an axe to grind?


Did they find the Templars?


Reading about the occasional discovery of things like underground (in every sense) movie theaters in the catacombs, I wonder if they came via a legitimate entry or one of the means illegal spelunkers use.
Although it was probably a combination of boring and terrifying at the time, I can’t help but feel a bit envious about the experience, and for the rest of their lives it’ll be a great story.

Forget the bones - I suspect you’d get over that pretty quickly; the real horror is being lost for three days, presumably without food or water, and after a certain point, without light, not knowing whether you’ll ever be discovered, find an exit or just die trapped down there like people do every so often in other sub-urban tunnels such as the Odessa “catacombs.”




“It was not clear who raised the alarm about the missing teenagers or why they got lost.”

Oh come on, I cannot imagine a rational person who can’t figure out why two teenage boys decided to wander off on their own past signs marked “Interdit” or however the off limits areas are masked.


I would love to see the low budget “based on a true story” horror movie people come up with on this.




well, i have a new nightmare scenario to add to my cache of things to keep me up at night.


ETA: Buggit, look away from the Intertubes for a cup of coffee, and Jorpho gets there first!


You can both be first. Jorpho is firster, but you’re still first.


No one is telling me if I should watch this movie or if its just a topically fitting film.


[leaves a cloud of dust behind him and a Mangochin shaped hole in the wall since he forgot where the door was]



“It was thanks to the dogs that we found them,”

Kudos to the dogs for not going after the bones.


I thought it was really cool, and I don’t usually go in for horror.


For me, potable water would be more of a problem. Normally carrying:

1 mini flashlight.
2 small glo-sticks.
2 tea light candles.
3 phone charge packs, one of which has a flashlight.
1 phone with screen, no flash.
1 survival blanket, stops the shivers.

I don’t normally carry a water bottle. Perhaps I should add a large ziploc bag and a couple water purification tablets? (Not a prepper, just a Plan B kind of guy.)

As a last resort, I suppose I could try the cell reception down there.