My friend Kevin Kelly turned 70 today. Here are 103 bits of wisdom he wishes he had known when he was young

Even though Kevin is almost 2 years younger than me, the kid has great insight!
Happy safety revolving around the closest star again day to him.
Cheers! :raised_hands:t2:


I see that one bit’s been interpreted by DALL-E 2.

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Okay, but in the (f’d up U.S.), i know older people who’ve saved up a fair chunk, but they’re scared to give much of any of it away.

They worry about 1) the possibility of huge medical bills that insurance won’t cover, and if they’re lucky enough to avoid that, 2) having enough to get themselves into a halfway decent “retirement home” or whatever euphemism, so they don’t end up in a wretched state-run place when they can’t live independently anymore. :woman_shrugging:


This is true. If our daughter and husband needed a down payment for a house or anything and I was 80 she would get the money. At 57, unfortunately, the money needs to stay in my account because I don’t want to take money from her if some unforeseen thing costs me a bunch of money.

Every time I think I can retire before 62 the world or the US economy takes a dump and I get all nervous. My money stays in the bank until I reach the point of no return, then it’s spend like a drunken sailor on people that I care about.

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I was not prepared for this, but it’s so true. It all just whizzes past so much faster. Which means it’s harder to keep up, but also that I have to rush because there’s so much to do.


Thank you, really good stuff

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yes, and less and less time in which to do it


Yeah, it’s like to ‘stop and smell the roses’ one has to start from scratch, get a garden, plant & nurture the bloody things, and then maybe snatch a minute to take one little sniff.


103 bits of information is roughly 13 bytes of information.



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