On his 68th birthday, Kevin Kelly offers 68 bits of unsolicited advice

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/04/29/on-his-68th-birthday-kevin-ke.html


Thus accounting for all 25 of Donald John Trump’s IQ points!


Kevin’s good people.

Happy Birthday to you!


Wait a minute, isn’t Kevin Kelly that Wired editor with the completely uninformed and inexperienced opinions about autonomous vehicles? Why do I want to watch a video by someone who enjoys talking out his ass?

Let’s see, that comes out to 8 bytes and a nybble’s worth of advice.

Have you ever given an uninformed or inexperienced opinion about something? Even if you have, I am still willing to read your comments and take them seriously.


‘Don’t trust all purpose glue’ - unless it’s epoxy, that is.

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delightful nuggets, they were the perfect tonic at the end of yester’s work day. I enjoyed a bunch of his sourced quotes as well.

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Don’t trust all purpose glue x 100!!!

I respectfully disagree about buying cheap tools though. I think you should always buy the best tools you can afford.

I can’t trust someone who has the bad sense to a grow a beard without a mustache. It’s against natural law, or something.

Loved every one of those. Serious deep wisdom in each one!

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