My friend told me her creepy unexplainable experience

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Reminds me of this guy…

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My most creepy, inexplicable experience came in November 2016. I was watching the news on TV, and they were reading election results…


My friend has had many supernatural experiences throughout her life

Otherwise known as a vivid imagination and a propensity for tall-tails.


Well, I was with you there until you said the friend had thing for tall tails.
Tall tales, perhaps. (Sorry, Pedant Pendant in operation.)
But yes, a very vivid imagination for sure - which does not qualify as ‘supernatural’ experiences.


The encounter left me with an eerie, hollow feeling for the rest of the walk. I felt drained of energy after this brief encounter with him. I’d also heard from neighbors that he’s been spotted shitting on various lawns of people he doesn’t like on our block.

Creepy guy may have also felt drained and hollow.

Not to rain on this friend’s parade, but I tend to agree. I used to believe in the paranormal when I was younger, and even though I’m a skeptic now, my mind is still open to the possibility. But she’s had “many” supernatural experiences through her life and I have yet to experience even a single one? I suppose it’s possible, but it seems a lot more likely that her paranormal experiences, well, aren’t.

That said, I love a good creepy tail… er, tale as much as anyone, so thanks to her for sharing.


My earliest childhood memory, toddler age: I had a couple of those large juice cans that were common in the early 70s tied together with string so we could pretend they were oxygen for either scuba or outer space. They were hanging from my crib, and started shaking and clanging (we did not live somewhere earthquake prone*). While I remember it as unexplainable, I could never bring myself to believe it was supernatural. I always wondered if memory formation at that age has glitches.

I had a girlfriend once who was freaked out by hearing a relative call out her name in the middle of the night and was convinced it was a supernatural ghost type thing. I was ambivalent at the time but I have since experienced this kind of auditory hallucination myself so calling bullshit on that one.

(*though we did still experience sonic booms at the time?)

I’ve never had a true unexplainable experience. I’ve seen ball lightening twice, which was more cool than creepy. As far as fear goes, dreams have given me the most terror I have ever experienced. Waking up with your heart pounding so hard you can’t hear anything else, the adrenaline surging through you, sweating profusely yet freezing cold. I’m not sure I want to experience that in real life.

Now I will say a close second to that is the terror my father would induce in me as an older child (around 10-ish). Around his mid 40’s his dreams became more vivid. According to my mom they had always been rather real for him even before this time. One night I was awoken to a scream, not like anything I had heard before. A human scream of terror, real terror, not an approximation like a movie, but real abject terror. The sound triggered a very visceral response of fear in me as well. Fast forward the 8 or so years until I moved out to college…it became routine enough that I’d be more annoyed than afraid.

(To those wondering, a lot of his dreams were triggered and associated by what he’d watch on TV…that being a lot of Discovery. I asked him about one and he said in this one half snake half human people were hunting him in the jungle. Think of a reverse centaur with the snake on top. They surrounded him and one of them threw a spear and skewered him. Now most people wake up right before or at the point of impact. My dad rarely did and would scream out from the pain and fear as they killed him.)


Not sure if this qualifies as supernatural or just creepy AF, but one time in my early twenties I was driving solo up I-95 from somewhere in the south up to Maine. I had an old pick up truck with a cap that didn’t quite close, and I’d sleep in the back when I needed. One night I’d stopped at a rest area and parked over in a dark corner by the woods and was asleep back there. I woke to the sound of shuffling and heavy breathing, I lay perfectly still and wondered if it might be a bear? Then a hand or paw or something reached into the cap and stroked my head a few times. Then it shuffled away. :grimacing:




Two times in my life I have experienced something unexplainable but I believe that it may be explained by physics perhaps.

The creepy sensation of something invisible passing through your body, like a pocket of energy, that is very unnerving and feels very scary. Maybe some electromagnetic bubble or something? What bugs me is that the first place it happened was at a one floor house, in a rural city on another part of the State and at an apartment on the second floor on a capital city on the other side of the bay.

First time I had that “there’s someone in my bedroom” sensation, I tried to run and I crossed this invisible field that made my entire body shudder. Second time I was visiting a friend, reading a book and very relaxed when something just passed through me. My reaction was “what the heck?!?” and bolt out until my friend returned from work.

Two different places, years of difference, never happened again, I’m not prone to hallucinations and don’t believe it was “ghosts”. Still creepy.



I am just glad that you did not feel a hook stroke your head, then shuffle away


I’m just glad whatever it was shuffled away!
I’ve had other more “supernatural” experiences in my life, but those moments, paralyzed in my truck stand out as some of the creepiest…(shudder)


A weird one when I was a teenager…

We lived in the outer suburbs of a northern Canadian town. Driveways were long, so there were newspaper boxes by the road for the daily delivery. The TV guide came with the newspaper every Friday.

One Friday night I was awake late after my family had gone to bed. I saw a James Bond movie listing in the TV guide and thought ‘why not?’. I remember the picture on the cover (the cast of Dallas), and on the Friday page (Bo Duke and Luke Duke).

I flopped down, put the TV guide to one side and watched a bit. After a brief while, it was clear that this Bond wasn’t an actor I knew (it was George Lazenby), so I looked for the TV guide to see who it was. I could only find last weeks (different cover - autumnal forest shot and no detailed listing for tonight’s movie. No picture of the Duke brothers either). Couldn’t find this week’s. No big surprise - I’m often putting things down and forgetting where I put them.

The next morning, I got up and wandered to the TV room. My sister was watching cartoons, and I asked her what was on next.

Sis: I don’t know.
Me: Well, let’s look at the TV guide and find out?
Sis: Don’t be stupid.
Me: Uhhh…
Sis: The TV guide is still drying.
Me: How did it get wet?
Sis: It fell out of the bundle when dad pulled the newspaper out of the box yesterday evening. It spent the night lying in the driveway in the rain.

I wandered out to the hearth where the paper was drying. Same cast of Dallas cover, same picture of the Duke brothers on Friday, same Bond movie listing.

A rational explanation is “sleepwalking”, but someone would have to sleep walk out of the house down a long driveway on a cool rainy autumn night and get back to bed without getting their sheets wet or muddy. Another possibility is my family was messing with me by getting up in the middle of the night and moving the TV guide. Well out of character - we all loved sleep, especially after midnight when I went to bed.

That’s my very mundane ghost story. A ghost of a TV guide.


This thread is giving me the same vibe as Jezebel’s annual scary story contest and I am here for it.

When I was a kid, my mother inherited a porcelain-faced doll of a little old lady in a wire rocking chair. She got it after an elderly neighbor died, and my father and I found the neighbor during a regular wellness check. Basically anytime someone hadn’t heard her in a while on the “party line” shared phone connection that serviced a half dozen farms on our road, dad or my uncles and I would walk down the road and look in. That day we found her dead. The doll was dressed in a manner unsettlingly like Anthony Perkins’ mother from Psycho and it creeped me out. My mother liked it because it sort of looked like the neighbor and we’d unofficially adopted her as an aunt, since she had no family of her own left. The doll was bound to her chair by a sash around her waist and I’d periodically find it untied and the doll slumped out of the chair for reasons that scared the hell out of me as a child. I was convinced “Aunt Edith” was haunting the doll and was suddenly malevolent, despite her being very sweet in life. I had very vivid nightmares of that doll all through my childhood and still do on occasion.


Sometimes your brain just fucks with you.


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