My friend told me her creepy unexplainable experience

a few years back, after watching some people shoot off illegal fireworks in a nearby park, i was sitting alone in the pitch dark finishing my adult beverage.

someone decided it would be really funny if they creeped up behind me and started panting and breathing really loud. or i was just about to be murdered to death

without turning, i screamed every curse word and threat of physical violence i could think of.

im not sure who got scared more. but, in the end, when i did turn around, no one was there. i left. quickly.

what if two tv guides were delivered? maybe your neighbor’s by accident, for instance. your father thinking, correctly, he had the guide - didn’t notice therefore that he dropped the other guide.

you found ( and lost ) one copy, your family found and dried the other one he dropped.

if you look under the chair, it’s probably still there. :wink:

yesterday, i couldn’t find my keys. i cleaned the table off, put everything neatly away, it usually works. still couldn’t find them. looked upstairs, downstairs, in every bag i own, the door lock in case i forgot to take them out, finally i went outside to look for them there.

no luck at all.

until… when i came back in, there they were, clear as day, sitting on the table.

obviously? my distracted brain edited them out for some reason, but… it felt like a stranger had snuck in and placed my keys there while my back was turned


Where they licking toxic millipedes with lemurs recently?


All I know is that I saw what I saw.

And all I know is that our senses are fooled about a hundred different ways. What they think they saw makes for an interesting story, but ultimately has a mundane explanation. Because nothing is unexplainable. Just unexplained.

Kind of taking the fun out of it, aren’t you? :confused: I mean, sleep paralysis and auditory hallucinations are relatively “common” but the fact that our brains do that isn’t really “mundane” is it? It’s totally wacky! Why would our crazy fungus-looking brains do that to their host meat-machines?
(I don’t necessarily want an answer, just pointing out that very little of our time on this planet is “mundane” if we can appreciate the insane beauty and the absurdity of it all.)


Some folks’ “joy” equates to sucking all the fun out of everything for everyone else; sad but true…

I’m using the definition of “mundane” that means earthly and not supernatural. The quirks our brains exhibit are anything but dull. But they are by definition mundane, in that they are not heavenly or spiritual. I guess pointing out that all experiences, no matter how weird, are ultimately the result of being filtered through volatile meat computers, means I’m a joyless wet blanket. So be it.

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Ah, I wasn’t familiar with the second definition of that word. TIL.

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If we’re telling stories…

When I was a kid our nextdoor neighbor was a clock guy, he had clocks on every wall in his house and could repair anything. We ended up with my mother in law’s antique cuckoo clock that needed repair. By this time that neighbor had moved to Florida so we sent him the clock and he restored it. It hung on our wall for years. One day it just quit working, could not get it going. I called my parents and asked if they could get a hold of him. He died the day the clock quit working. We never had it repaired.

My best friend ended up with lung cancer, my wife and I were his only family. One day while he was in a rehab place trying one last time to get strong enough for treatment he was staring out the window for quite some time, he finally asked me who that man was that had been watching him. I looked out the window and saw nothing. I even went over to his bed to look from the same angle thinking there was a shadow or a branch or something. Nothing, oh, and we were on the second floor with no balcony.

That friend turned out to be our guardian angel.


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