Dog brings home human leg


Oddly enough, this is more or less one of the reasons my mother would bring up whenever I asked if we could have a dog. And I never bought it. Sorry Mum!

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That’s Sasquatch territory.

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Oddly enough? Odd overload. Your mother thought your hypothetical dog would bring home human remains? ;p


The question I have for you is that did she say she worried about a dog finding “a leg” or “the leg”?

Because that would change the tone of the entire anecdote.


I’m 93 years-old. I didn’t want to have to go to the pen for something I didn’t do

Sound about right.

Wow, he freaked out in an utterly differently way than I would have. I understand he wanted no trouble, but I would have been all “there’s something/someone dismembering people in the woods behind my house; I want the whole freaking ARMY here ASAP”.


His response is now the sensible response of informed people when dealing with the police. Why involve them when they are likely to show up in a tank and taser you and shoot your dog?

The police forces in the US, UK, and New Zealand (places where I have seen this first hand, not an exhaustive list) have completely lost the trust and support of the citizenry they are supposed to work for. Normal, law-abiding people now rightly go out of their way to avoid any interaction with these aggressive, authoritarian, bullying assholes.

It’s a sad state of affairs and I’m not sure how it will ever change for the better.


If a hypothetical dog drags in a hypothetical leg - does it still soil the carpet?
Body parts were not specified. Neither were species.

“Hypothetical Dog” - good band name.


Either way, I think this could be the seed for an interesting story. Or a very graphic Graphic Novel.

Reminds me of stories about the Blitz in London and how pets would bring home…parts they happened to come across.

Even cops tell me to never talk to the police if I can avoid it, so it’s not like they believe their own crap either.

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Seems to me he should be less concerned about the police framing him for something he didn’t do, and more concerned about his dog developing a taste for human flesh.

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Need more info. (wild amount of ??? going on in my head)

Depends on your opinion of the cops. He doesn’t sound like he trusts 'em.

Hey, I don’t especially trust cops (and I’ve met my share of shady ones). I just have a short list of situations where I would draw the line and swiftly stoop down to seek the only professional- and well-armed- help legally available. Finding bits of corpses near my home happens to be on that list.

I guess I trust mysterious dismembering forces even less than the coppers (yeah, I know; what about if it IS a copper… dun dun DUN).

Aye, me too. We could both be like, super wrong, though.

Well thing is you know where you stand with a serial killer, he is out to kill you. Talking to the police though, that is just random pot luck.

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Kind of seems like language that might be used by someone who has, in the past, gone to the pen for things he maybe did do? Or didn’t. Has he had a bad experience with law enforcement in the past?

Total speculation, but there is no way my first reaction to my dog bringing home a body part would be to bury it. There must be some interesting history there.

Doesn’t know “sit” or “stay” or “play dead”, but that dog is apparently a whiz at “fetch”.