Dog brings home human leg

Robert Westall wrote a good children’s book called BLITZCAT. I remember thinking what a good movie it would make as I was reading it, until I came to the part where the cat, injured, survives on the scattered bits of meat found after a UXB squad member loses his saving roll. Figured that would be a bit problematic for film adaptation.

(Early in the war, members of unexploded-bomb units had about a three-week life expectancy.)

Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Put that back where you found it.

Or you know, the cops legitimately arresting him for something he did do: illegally re-burying human remains without notifying anyone.

But yeah, the dog should definitely be put somewhere safely out of the way while the cops visit.

Only if you fit the profile. Unless he/she is totally random. Then you’re screwed. Or if the killer is a cop. Then you’re really screwed.

Book tip:
The Serial Killers Club
by Jeff Povey
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN-10: 0446578428
ISBN-13: 9780446578424

Whereas you KNOW the cops are out to get you.

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