'My Isolation Station,' home-built bar and spirits library with 4,000 bottles

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Kudos to the renovator. It’s always great to see a long term project finally come to life.

About five years ago, two things in my life converged: I reached a stable point financially, and I no longer felt the need to continually drain the bottles in my liquor cabinet.

What this means is that— just like my unlistened podcasts— my liquor cabinet has become a source of anxiety in my life. It is filled with half-empty bottles of liqueurs I will never drink, vacation souvenirs that I cannot bear to, and special gifts that I dare not. There is no room for anything else.


collecting anything … is fun … but is also a delusion…I wish I never started


Well that’s the thing with home bars. Generally people either drink, or they have the sort of lifestyle that’s conducive to making a bar at home, and the home bar tends to spend most of its life as an increasingly poignant memorial to the brief transition between those two states.


Must be nice to have money.

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Address please.



They should have sent a poet


Can I be your friend?

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It’s cool what you can do if you don’t drink.

I collected coins back when you could actually find something interesting in your change. Then they went to the clad coinage and all the interesting coins disappeared practically overnight. At least they went and made the quarters interesting.

to excess. FTFY

That’s the spirit.



BTW, the entire population of Wisconsin are on their way over.

He’s got what looks to be very vintage stamped-tin ceiling tiles! Just like in old taverns, and in unrenovated 100+ year old, city abodes. Nice.

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