Gin made from red wood ants


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That’s a hell of a lot of work for a terrible pun.


I guess Them! wouldn’t have been a good name for a brand of alcohol.


This seems like a very elaborate way to get some ants. Ants are everywhere. Why did you need to hire special ant foragers?


They’re Artisanal Ants, of course. Collected by neckbeards using only the most sustainable harvesting techniques. Each ant is given a bath in aromatic herbs and spices (also artisanal) then dunked repeatedly in vodka using tiny tweezers and the utmost care.


I admire their dedication.


What timing. I can’t wait to see how they tie this in with Ant Man.


There is a reasonable chance that we are eventually going to end up eating bugs to survive. Why the rush to get started?



Formica rufa, the red wood ant, are found in forests around the Northern Hemisphere, and are inspiringly sophisticated creatures. Let’s make some stunt liquor out of them.


there’re some ants running around on my formica. wonder if they’re Formica Rufas.

I really need to clean my kitchen.


At least now we have something to wash it down with and numb ourselves to that very fact!


Maybe you will kick yourself for having waited so long to eat them.


Because delicious (chocolate was involved)

internetz pic cuz I haz no photo


Am I the only one to notice that the formic acid formula, read backwards, makes a lot of sense here?


I tried reading it backwards, but it just made images project from my eyeballs.


Specific species.


Seems like it’s really bugging you?


Who would buy and drink this? I’m curious, but not money-curious. @japhroaig, @TobinL - would you buy a whole bottle of this?


Nope not for 200 quid, too much for my pocket book. I wouldn’t turn down an offered shot of it though.