New Zealand distillery has been selling a lot of f*cking gin

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i wish i had known about this a fucking year ago, lol


Now that’s a corporate merchandising and marketing team with its finger on the pulse of humanity!


Is the gin any good?

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It’s gin. It makes a man mean.


Scotch Whiskey Beer & Gin, I’ll never do it again.


Their label’s more uplifting than the gin I’ve been drinking of late…


But that is an excellent Gin.


“Rum, tequilla, vodka, wine and gin
Each a soldier of your misfortune…”


Yeah, nah. It’s a better deal than that

NZD 189 / ~AUD 178/ ~USD 128

What’s 2023 going to be? “Are you fucking kidding me, 2023?”


Followed by Twenty-Twenty-FFFFUUUU.

Current favorite gin is Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin. Made with green tea. It’s replaced Hendricks in my negronis.


That is also an excellent Gin.

I met the guys from their importer while working a beer route once. Good people, helped me get a draft line.

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Will have to try this one. I’ve been enjoying Botanist


And that one. I think I’ll need a fucking list


Oops! You’re right

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I haven’t even tried it. I did just buy a bottle of Dingle on sale before christmas before shit happened and I lost a couple of weeks. I digress. What’s your negroni recipe? It was my Friday evening, logging off work drink in 2020 and I loved it. I’m just one part gin one part light and dark vermouth so I’m not like an expert or anything.

I may get some gunpowder (I assume named after gunpowder tea) if you are persuasive. I’m very open to persuasion.

You fucking know what this fucking pandemic did to me when you fucking realise what fucking kind of fucking gin this fucking is:


A Negroni really requires a red Amaro.

With both red and white vermouth, which is I guess what you mean light and dark, it’s more of a Martinez. With just red vermouth it’s a Gin and It, or Sweet Martini.

If you’re not into Campari, which is understandable. I’d suggest Aperol or Aperitivo Select. Which are both milder, Select has a sort spiced thing going on.

Or to keep with where you’re at. Rosso Antico. Which is kind of like a red vermouth/amaro hybrid. It’s got an amazing kinda sweet sour, bit bitter thing going on.

I used to do a gin, white vermouth and Rosso Antico version of a Negroni on cocktail menues. DO NOT recall what I called it.

My recipe is one ounce each gin, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, and Aperol. Orange peel if I have it. I know it’s supposed to be Campari, but the citrus character of the Drumshanbo works well against the slightly sweeter Aperol.

I’m saddened to see Drumshanbo has green tea. No thanks.

I had a great gin in Germany. The name had something to do with monkeys. Can’t remember.