One bourbon, one Scotch, one tequila

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Yes, yes and yes. Cheers!

My all time favorite rum is still Ron Zacapa 23, which is very much a sipping rum, not for cocktails. Rich and sweet, a cordial for pirates.

I’ve gotten to really enjoy mezcals more than tequilas – like scotch, they taste like a place. I feel like I’m drinking a story. I enjoyed Vago Espadin recently, and anything from Del Maguey is worth trying – especially their Ibérico, which somehow incorporates an entire ham in the distillation.


You’re making Amos Milburn, John Lee Hoooker, and George Thorogood very, very disappointed…


I liked the book…quite a bit.

I like good aged rum though i’m only just really getting into it. With such a big variety it’s pretty daunting for me, especially since i seldomly indulge in drinking a bottle. However of the few i’ve tried by far my favorite is Pampero Anniversario. Generally comes in a leather cover for the bottle and the rum is delicious, the last few times i’ve had it i just drank it neat and was snacking on aged muenster cheese. The pairing was quite nice. I’ve been able to find it at a number of liquor stores here in the US so should be easy to track down :slight_smile:

Next next bottle i want to try is Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. I’ve heard good things but i haven’t jumped the gun on buying a bottle

:slight_smile: Any recommendations on good rums are highly appreciated.

Linie aquavit is also matured at sea, supposedly since 1850.

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Eh, none of those guys were known for being picky.

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Besides the Ron Zacapa I mentioned above, you might also check out Plantation 20yr and Goslings Old Rum.

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line 'em up and keep 'em coming…

that’s all I ask.

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love Rye more than any of these…


I had no idea Cory collected spirits. And he’s got a pretty good palate too. But having tried both the first and second releases of the Octomore, I can say it’s too peaty for my taste, and I love me a good peat bomb like Ardbeg or Lagavulin. Bruichladdich seems to be playing a game of one-upmanship on the peat game…with themselves. If they keep going, soon they’ll be shoveling moss right into a bottle and lighting it on fire. That said, their unpeated Rockside Farm 2007 is divine, and their Botanist gin is in my view among the top five currently being produced. Yes, yes, I know, Scottish gin, but take my word for it and you’ll thank me.


My go-to mixer for rye cocktails is Rittenhouse. It’s not the best there is, but it’s the best rye at it’s price point. I’m afraid the word will get out and the price will get jacked up with demand like has happened with so many other “small” production American whiskeys.


I have friends who’ve stockpiled the stuff just in case. I remember what happened to Plymouth Gin when everyone discovered this terrific, super cheap gin. The price doubled in a year.

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Good gin in general has gone through the roof. Hell, even bad gin’s gotten pricier. On the one hand, I hope it’s a phase since gin is trendy now, but on the other hand, it has resulted in some really good innovation.

Rittenhouse is delicious. And what cocktail ISN’T a Rye cocktail?!? :smiley:

Rittenhouse, Mad River, Templeton, Redemption, Bulleit, and High West are all good for the price.


My personal favorite is Colonel E.H. Taylor, but damn if it isn’t hard on the wallet. WhistlePig is another amazing one, and I got some early on before the price skyrocketed, but I couldn’t justify the price now.


WP is one that I keep thinking about trying, and the price isn’t so high that it’s impossible…its just I’d rather spend that on a couple bottles of something else.

I keep wanting to try these guys but at $60 a bottle where I am…I have a hard time justifying it.

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I forgot to mention High West, but definitely second that opinion. Their blends are really wonderful and pleasantly not overpriced; I especially like their Campfire.

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Favorite Mezcal by far, though pricey: Pechuga by Fidencio.

Distilled in a still with fresh fruit and suspended raw chicken, it comes out with an amazing subtle umami flavor.

(Note: I have not tried other Pechugas, only this one. The Pechuga by Santa Catarina Minas is also supposed to be very good, and they put mountain apples and plums in with the raw chicken.)