New Zealand distillery has been selling a lot of f*cking gin

I don’t much like Campari in situations where there’s more than 1/2oz. I think it works much better as a float, or used like cocktail bitters.

Most of the time I sub Aperol.

Friend of mine does negronis with Cynar.

It’s very subtle, really just a part of the botanical bill. You probably wouldn’t be able to pick it out if you didn’t know it was there.

Not like it’s tea flavored gin.

It’s also not all that uncommon. Advertised or not there’s often some tea running in new style gins. I can’t remember which, but I think there are some old school London Drys that include a bit.

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I don’t know what aspect of green tea is turning you off, but in the gin, it’s more a floral note, it’s not grassy at all. Reminds me more of jasmine than sencha. But I really like the citrus character - I’m a sucker for grapefruit. I need to try it in a Tom Collins.



Hm. I just did a count, and there are 12 different sorts of gin in the house.


You are probably missing the small script… :cry:

On the picture of that abomination you’ve posted? No.


Actually, it’s the best I could find.

In case of emergency, break seal…

Monkey 47 Black Forest Gin


“We’re out of booze!!!”

Oh yeah, that’s a good one.


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