Whiskey production is not keeping up with whiskey demand




2 fingers Everclear,
4 shakes of angostura bitters,
2 shakes of Liquid Smoke.

You're welcome (and if you actually try it, you're gross)


I guess I'm behind the trend -- I was going to say "What? Whiskey is in high demand? I thought all the kids were vodka drinkers these days", but according to the article, that was ten years ago, and whiskey is back in. I wonder if it is the influence of "Mad Men" and the like. Maybe a gin renaissance is next.


Copy edit: Buffalo Trace is bourbon, not just whiskey. But thanks for naming it and liking it.


Esquire says:

Ten years ago everybody drank vodka, and Scotch was something you kept around for when your dad visited. Irish whiskey was otherwise known as Jameson, and it sat gathering dust in the back of the liquor cabinet, waiting for moments of personal crisis. Bourbon was basically a punch line.

Now, whiskey of all kinds has become a fetish object of the young, urban, and image-conscious.

Face it. You're just not cool anymore.
As for Mad Men, the blurays, and probably the show itself, come with ads for Canadian Club.


[reads article] That's a relief. For a moment there I thought you meant whisky.

Besides, if it's just bourbon, I'm good. I know a guy in North Carolina who makes his own.


I'm sorry. I'll try to cut back.


Thank the gods (Dionysus specifically) that there's still rye, Tennessee whiskey, Irish whisky, Scotch, Canadian whiskey, and Japanese whisky.

PS: all bourbon is whiskey. Not all whisk(e)y is bourbon.


Gin is quietly growing out there. Lots of small labels. Much of it crap, but there are still some tasty, tasty options.


Gin is basically just flavoured vodka, so make your own. There's plenty of good recipes out there for doing your own cold infusions.


If exclusivity has anything to do with the trend, I predict poitín will be the in demand drink in ten years time.


Ah, the sweet poteen from Ireland's green, distilled from wheat and rye- It fills the air with a perfume rare...


Is this an actual shortage or a "we want to drive up the price" shortage?


I was always told that strictly speaking, Irish is whiskey and Scotch is whisky.

My ancestors on both sides might disapprove [for all sorts of reasons, some of them], but a short while ago some middle-age-activated switch got thrown, and I switched mostly to gin. Hendricks and lime, by preference, but I'm prepared to be flexible.


You could always drink the unaged stuff wink

As long as I can get Old Pulteney, I'll be okay.

When will brandy become cool? Did I miss that? Should I stock up on Metaxa?


There was a recent article somewhere that was showing declines in Chinese markets for scotch (yes I know the linked article is for burbon) due to crackdowns on gift giving. So world wide even if this article is accurate things will probably balance.


There is quite a selection of Scotch, but if you take a look at Irish Whiskey, it looks like they have a Comcast/Time Warner situation going on over there, as Ireland has only three main distilleries in the entire country.

Despite the lack of diversity, it still doesn't make me like Jameson any less though, but finding it for under $27 a fifth is getting more and more difficult.


Fuck, no.


Brandy is, and always has been, cool in Wisconsin. The classic Wisconsin cocktail is the Brandy Old-Fashioned that nobody outside Wisconsin (and maybe Minnesota) knows how to make. It's what you drink when you are playing Euchre, a card game similar to bridge but more suitable for playing while slightly drunk.


I love Euchre. My grandad taught me how to play it when I was a kid. smile