Watch this guy make his own bug spray

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shrug I use a spray bottle that’s mostly water, with maybe 5% of the bottle dollar store liquid detergent, with a good pour of rubbing alcohol added. Box elders, wasps, ants, spiders, pill bugs… gets all of them.

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Is that a bug spray, or big repellant?

I think you mean “insect repellent”. As a genetically cursed mosquito magnet I can say with conviction that natural insect repellents all work…insufficiently.

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A “kills bugs dead” spray. “Repellant” has always been very different from “spray” to me. I suppose if I’d watched the video, I’d have realized he was talking about repellant.

(Although now I’m wondering how effective my spray might be as a repellant…)

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I remember reading an article about this subject, and the deadliest ingredient was tobacco squeezin’s.

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Well, original reason for nicotine in plants and all…

In fact hits the same receptors as the problematic neonicotinid insecticides (which is why we made them).

I’d have to imagine that you’d have to be a bit careful in your use of tobacco extract (can’t be good spraying nicotine everywhere…, not to mention the staining.)

Also this guy’s channel has a pretty cool series on making your own chocolate.

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watch this guy make his own bug spray
I’d rather not thanks. I’d prefer to base this post on the single image accompanying it. The image looks like he’s trying to make his own personal pure THC, which would be WAAAAY more interesting to watch, but alas it is not.

Yeesh, this is definitely not advisable. Distilling alcohol for any purpose, even tax-paid (ie vodka or everclear) is completely illegal in all 50 states and carries severe penalties including prison time. I know I sound like chicken little saying this, but the TTB regularly prosecutes low-level distillation. Posting a video of yourself distilling is a very, very bad idea. At least he’s using steam distillation. FWIW, the same can be accomplished without distilling through alcohol, just not as efficiently.

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