Arizona man suspected of destroying home with makeshift spider-killing flamethrower


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While trying to use a can of air freshener to bring down an huge arachnid who shrugged it off, I was tempted to “go Ripley” on it. Reading this, I’m very glad that I resisted temptation.


What you want to use is clorox spray.


Geeze people, spiders are our allies against the insect menace.



Generally I leave spiders alone. But if a yellow jacket or deerfly gets in the house I won’t hesitate to hit it with a shot of bleach.


And they’ve each got 4 times as many eyes on the problem.

I escort wayward spiders to various houseplants of mine.

They know the deal, don’t hover near my bed and I won’t squish you.


Yeah, we’ve got insects everywhere. You know what we see in spider webs around here? Nothing but moths. If they got rid of the flies, mosquitoes, wasps, etc., that would be great. If they enter my house it’s game over, man.


Hairspray and a shoe also work very well.


Mosquito populations (and some fly populations) are more often controlled during the aquatic larval stage by predatory insects and their larvae. Not many spiders build webs small enough for such a meager prey.


Christ, what a gashole… on that torch.

My weapon of choice 'round this double-wide:


I think if your house ecosystem can support a huge number of spiders, your real problem is lower on the food chain.

I mean, what are the spiders eating, and are you sure that removing the predator that eats them is a good idea?


I can relate. I once nearly burned down our guest house with a propane weeding torch. (Pro-tip - propane weeding torches don’t work anyway. The weeds come back fast and strong. It is next to impossible to kill the roots with one.)


I don’t have the stats, but I think this is not the first time someone has burned down their home trying to kill spiders.


I hope the spiders got away save and weren’t too badly traumatized by the blaze. Maybe Spider Red Web took care of them with some Emergency Fly Rations (EFRs) and emergency spider silk blankets.


Yeah, sure, he burned his house down, but on the plus side he killed ALL those goddamned spiders real good!"



Take that, Florida Man!


I’ve lived in some very crappy places. Spiders have always fixed any cockroach problems I encountered. I will always go out and capture a few spiders rather than use some spray that the little phuqers are probably immune to.


Yes Mam! Arizona Man!


You should try a propane spidering torch. Those will fully involve the structure and should do a number on the weeds too.