Spring-loaded fly-hunting pistol

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I’ve done the rubber band thing before. It’s a lot of fun, but definitely challenging. Also you’ll want a bag of rubber bands if you’re killing more than one fly.

I had one of those as a kid. It does kill flys but no more effectively then a swatter and somewhat less effectively then a cat.


I have this exact thing and it is great. Works on even the fastest of bugs, and has lasted years of splattings.

Hair spray + lighter … + homeowner’s insurance.


Ahhh that design is ancient, isn’t it? Seen it in like green handle and yellow “swatter”

These things always get promoted about the same time flies are going dormant.

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Electrify that bad boy, then we’ll talk.


I had one of these in Japan, a country that is never lacking bugs to kill.

I finally gave up and decided to just let the little jumping spiders run free: they killed everything else, and in exchange I let them live. Plus, it helped ameliorate any guilt I felt the morning after my earlier apartment-wide massacres.


You guys are gonna think this is gross… But I have a backhand flip so fast I have a 70%+ success rate. Never squish, and always wash hands afterwards.

Loose wrists, relaxed shoulders, and a light touch.


I remember using one of these some 25 to 30 years ago. They actually work pretty well. One of the things I found interesting is that they tended not to leave fly guts all over the wall, unlike rubber bands and fly swatters,

Regarding rubber bands, I don’t think I got much more than 50% accurate with skinny ones, but I was pretty deadly with the thick ones. I don’t recall spending huge amounts of time getting to that level.

Welcome to 1970. That’s how long these have been around. The salt-shooting fly gun seems a better choice, as it won’t break anything.

I have one, in fact killed a fly with it over the weekend when it snuck into my apartment when i opened the door to pick up the mail. I’m still tempted to tape/glue a laser pointer to my bugasalt. Because reasons.

The indoors season for huntsmen is just about to start where I live. They never get in the way, aren’t dangerous and don’t leave cobwebs so we just let them be. My kids growing up would say “ooh, look, Hunty’s back!”

They also have the added bonus of freaking out international house guests, and you really can’t put a price on that.


Raskin was also the guy behind the amazing, but completely obscure Canon Cat. It was like basically using a computer from an alternate dimension. And the standard language for it was Forth!

I had one of these once long ago as well. It seemed exceptionally useless – perhaps useful if you could sneak up on a bug that had landed on a surface, but then why not just use a flyswatter instead?

The aforementioned Bug-A-Salt or electrified racket sounds like a much better idea.

That’s true. I’ve shot flies off of light bulbs with my Bug-A-Salt 2.0 with zero breakage to date.

Got one for my better half, has turned the stress / annoyance of the occasional fly into an amusing mini game. Recommended.

Talk about memory lane, I had one of these in 1983/4.
ProTip from my younger self:

  1. Remove safety string to increase range
  2. Stretch spring and reinsert, increasing velocity
  3. Shoot sister in face
  4. Run


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