Bug-A-Salt 2.0, take arms against flying insects


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“Is this gonna be a stand-up fight…?”


I need a derringer style for these FREAKING GNATS in my room. I can’t figure out where they are coming from and I don’t have any food or dirty dishes lying around.


Its the Chicago way.


Seems like a great way to salt your house, which may not be super-desirable.

I have one of those electrified racquets, which are great fun, but surprisingly ineffective. A typical, relatively small house fly will just be stunned for a few minutes, then typically walk it off and fly away if you don’t find them and give them a few more zaps on the ground. Which is interesting, because I hit myself with it (out of scientific interest) and it burned the fuck out of me through jeans. Fruit flies and mosquitoes go down with one hit, though.


Dude, gotta keep the demons out somehow . . .


Seems like an awful iffy way to make a good circle, though.


Does it come as a sentrygun?


This sounds familiar.


If if wasn’t for demons I wouldn’t get any visitors.


IRS could be arranged.
But then, the demons are vastly less both dangerous and annoying.


To do!


On that note, why don’t we have a consumer-buildable version of this yet?


Ow dude!

Lab Note: Better test subjects.


My church group used to make a big deal about how demons will take over your life. Now that I’m apostate, I know. They’re no worse than the mortgage.


Living by the sea is probably more damaging than anything else.


For ferrous alloys, certainly.
Other habitats are ammonia-rich which copper alloys don’t like.


I have the standard 1.0 Bug-A-Salt. I like it a lot but find it hard at times to aim, sometimes i feel like i’m not shooting dead on and the bug manages to survive because most of the salt hit to the side. I jokingly think it could have a laser for aiming, and as stupid as it might be i would probably enjoy it a lot. I wonder how much more effective the 2.0 is and i was bummed when the new model came out. They aren’t cheap and i don’t want to get rid of mine and rebuy the gun essentially.

The gun is fun though, might be a bit loud but i think its worth it. But more convenient than a fly swatter or using chemical sprays that might be harmful to kids or pets. However an alternative to insecticide is putting rubbing alcohol and a bit of water in a spray bottle, it’ll stun whatever flying bug you’re dealing with long enough for you to swat them,


A red dot laser module can be had for less than a dollar, just add a battery. You can also have a cross one.


Would borax work as well? Might as well get a bit of residual killing power off the shrapnel too (though maybe not if you have pets or babies roomba-ing about).